Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet shows up again in a close-up shot

20 September, 2013
The close-up image of the upcoming Lumia 1520 phablet has appeared showing its relatively big display.

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  • Tinted Windows

This is my next phone...been holding out for Surface Mini but I don't see no need for one if I have a 6" phablet. This will be my go to device for on the go media consumption, voice, video and sms. When I want to get work done I have my Sony Vaio Pro 13 with Windows 8.1

i'm curious with this phablet, it seems nice.. but still, i'm gonna buy z1 with its smartwatch2 and qx-lens..

  • Blacklizted

Andrew Tan, 21 Sep 2013The bezel is thick like hell!I got three words for you, Clear Black Display. Its so black it even fooled you to think its part of the bezel.

Ashoaib, 20 Sep 2013Come on Nokia, please come up with something other than unconven... moreYou didn't looked at Nokia when Symbian was the best Smartphone OS of its time, remember N95 and N82,
the first Smartphone by Apple iPhone was nowhere near to N95, it was THE BEST smartphone running on Symbian(sounds not to ancient now).
and when android came to market it was not even close to anything being called smart..not even iOS's first iteration was smart.
So in ancient time when Symbian was the smartest and you didn't looked at Nokia..then what did u used..
Symbian by Sony or Samsung..

  • Bluto

These tiles are looking real good. I might just buy one when it comes out.

Zzzz, 22 Sep 2013No wallpaper?all wallpaper of wp8 at the lock screen, i like it, i hope you like it too.

  • Zzzz

No wallpaper?

The whole menu apps are on tHe home front screen

  • syam

Nokia Lumia 2520 new windows 8RT tablet......

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't just shamelessly copy all the android features. Just ask what people actually like about android and then add a few more features of their own and boom! They get all the market! We all use windows on our PC's why not the phones?

  • Anthony

p.k, 21 Sep 2013Nokia u r late in the game.too many tiles on the ui looks clumsy... moreI agree. All these tiles maybe more palatable if we could have a home screen set as a plain ordinary wall paper screen option without defaulting to tiles. It would be much more pleasant. Truth be known this would satisfy some of the people who like Android look. So maybe there are some compromises to get the right look. HTC went for blink, so no no nice home screen default. No thanks. Windows also needs to give the option of having a phone alphanumeric keypad for messaging.

Why nokia windows phone does'ent have an java as belle os....

I am already knows about Nokia Lumia1520. It Bigger Bolder and faster smart phone

  • AndroidMan

Nokia Lumia 1520 VS.

To all those guys who say the bezel is thick, please, before showing your ignorance notice that the tiles are not located laterally at the edge of the screen, but somewhat inner. On white background you see that bezel is not attached to tiles, but is a few mm far. You ever touched a wp device before you comment? Duh, see reviews on youtube to get it.

Andrew Tan, 21 Sep 2013The bezel is thick like hell!more than 2/3rd of that black strip on the sides is not bezel, it is part of the screen with black background, you can see it when background is white that bezel is much thinner than it looks on homescreen mode, don't you know how the wp interface works?

sony invented Tiles i guess ..remember the xperia X1 xpanel ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2013iphone?best design?are you drunk?are you drunk more to the point? if you are going to arguethat the iPhone does not have one of the best designs on the market then you need your head examining! It may not be to your taste, but you cannot disregard the premium look and feel, something Samsung does not have

  • Samsung fan

Note 3 doesnt have a plasticy feel as the back cover is of leather, Its camera can record 4k (Ultra HD) videos of which Xperia 1 and Lumia 1520 cant even think of!!! Galaxy Note THREE will be the best phone for next THREE Years....

  • bond008

Microsoft stop using name Nokia in your phones. Just say Windows Phone. And change that ugly tile screen. Or please just die!