HTC allegedly working on an Octa-core version of HTC One

23 September, 2013
HTC is allegedly preparing an Octa-core variant of its flagship phone, which will include 3GB of RAM. 

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  • Anonymous

kyle griffiths, 25 Sep 2013the htc evo had far from on screen buttons. They still were capa... moreyour comprehension seems to be rather poor. i never once claimed that the evo had on-screen buttons. again, i was referring to the htc one. and i said i'd rather the upgraded htc one have capacitive buttons like the htc evo.

  • Lambros Georgogalas

Hello, please investigate the credibility of the source. They've just posted an update, at the end of their article saying "A representative informs us that this device is not in the plans of the company. Logically the prototype we saw was one of the devices being tested but will not be ever released. Our plans for photos, videos and benchmarks were unfortunately postponed." - It seems highly unlikely that such a prototype would emerge in a small peripheral market such as Greece. I don't know if it's common practice for HTC to distribute prototypes to their international distributors, so I may be wrong.

  • drup

dladz, 24 Sep 2013Couldn't care less about this. They should have beefed up the... moreBleh. Octa-core.

Only brainless nerds care about pure specs. Bigger screen is also kind of stupid - I did make the mistake of buying a 5.5" phone and now find it too big for daily use.

Give us a camera which lives up to the hype.

Give us something like the voice activation on the Moto X (just better).

Stick to stock Google, with optional HTC launcher.

Oh, and get rid of the overly "designed" curved back with tacky lines running through it. The general HTC One design is about the best for Android, but it fails because of that back. Simple is better.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2013And ditch the onscreen buttons in favor of soft keys, like the H... morethe htc evo had far from on screen buttons. They still were capacitive, exactly like the HTC one's. Sony's xpeaia Z devices, LG optimus G2 and the nexus line all feature on screen buttons.

  • Bluto

More cores equals to more heat, less battery, and then final explosion. Same with Samsung Galaxy S4 octa shit. HTC just never listen to its customers.

  • Marisa Mayer

I think Yahoo needs to acquire HTC.

  • julyjune

The 4ultra-pixel camera is the deal breaker. Why can't you not push more on the pixels instead of an octa-core bruhaha. Don't you hear the clamor of your followers? Old dogs at HTC are hard to teach.

  • kamikazi

oh htc.. oh poor htc... why?

dladz, 24 Sep 2013Couldn't care less about this. They should have beefed up the... moreThey are playing catch up already.

iLoveandroid, 24 Sep 2013By the time it is out, the market is filled with more powerful p... moreThe market will be filled with octacore devices by that time.

Couldn't care less about this.

They should have beefed up the screen to 5 or 5.2, ram to 4GB, camera is absolutely superb on the new 1020 nokia, they've got the right idea i think, 4MP camera not matter how you slice it with ultra pixel garbage, it's still a crap camera, should have made it at least an 8MP or UP.

Plus HTC are just following suit instead of innovating new tech as it's available. the 800 is now old hat and a new set of processors is becoming available, htc need to grab these new cpus and gpus now, or they'll always be playing catch up.

just try jellybean install to apple with more feature and animation, what happen to dual core? slow low low low low low

because iOS is low operating system rather that android

Please do not compare iPhone to HTC & Samsung because iphone hardware is made by other company..dude wake up don't make blind its only an apple image but the other chips is made by China. you mean 8 brains is better than 2 brains wow whats the knowledge, well just thinking if you have time okie.

  • lol

its 4ultrapixel not megapixel wich is way different..

  • iLoveandroid

By the time it is out, the market is filled with more powerful phones already.

As good as the CPU and RAM,
The stubbornly 4MP camera is deal breaker for me.

I'll wait for next year flagship THEN..

  • keke

Ostensibly HTC should have followed Apple by introducing 64 bit CPU its in the future of smartphone. As to how HTC decided to switch to Octa Core I don't know. And this Octa thing doesn't show much difference. S3 vs S4 believe me S3 is much better. Lately, we have told that the new iphone 5S is powerful than S4 with numerous cores. Please HTC consider 64bit CPU. nonetheless HTC for life no matter what

what we really need is f2.0 8 or 14 ultrapixel camera...and sd card slot.. i dont care for octa or hexa core processor..

  • Kamran

I have the HTC one-x which is really brilliant in function and facilities.the quad core is really powerful, what a beautiful view with a quadcore HTC

  • Ravi

geordie81, 24 Sep 2013octa core, 64bit cpu, blah blah blah there all just gimmick sell... moreHey S4 owner - I bet you are enjoying all the Android spyware. You have no idea what the mobile does.