iPhone 5s chipset detailed, 1.3GHz CPU, PowerVR Series 6 GPU

24 September, 2013
A detailed inspection on the chips inside the iPhone 5s reveals the flagship's SoC full specifications.

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  • NoLifeMan05

LoL, 26 Sep 2013Yea-rright! But you got time reading this news and posting LOLDude, have you ever read the names?? Its my problem whether i want to post it or not.

  • Anonymous

copied from http://askubuntu.com/questions...uld-i-choose

I believe the main question when choosing between 32 and 64 bits is not "my processor support 64 bits - should I use this because 64 is "twice better" than 32", but "how much memory do I have".

64-bit programs use about 50% more memory then their 32-bit counterparts. The results of this are:

less code/data can fit into processor caches -> more cache misses -> your super-fast processor waits more for memory controller to fetch data from RAM. Processor also needs to read more data because it's more bloated.

Linux uses non-allocated RAM to cache disks. Less free memory available -> less space for disk caches -> slower disk access

Once you're out of RAM and the system starts swapping - disk access is thousands times slower than RAM, so any potential benefits of 64-bit code (see below) are flying out of window.

On the other hand, in 64-bit mode processor has more registers, so it doesn't need to access memory that often, also, some calculations (64-bit numbers etc.) are more efficient. So generally, code which is not memory-restricted runs slightly faster in 64-bit mode.

So, if your system has, say, 2 of RAM or less then I would definitely choose 32 bits. More than 4GiB - the benefits of 64 bits are becoming more prominent. Around 4GiB is a "grey zone" - you need to make a choice yourself.

Here are screenshots of a (rather old) vanilla Ubuntu running in a VirtualBox with 1GiB RAM:

32 bit: uses 388 MiB of RAM right after booting, no additional applications running (from the screenshot, 397780KiB, which is 388MiB)

32 bit Ubuntu

64 bit: uses 491 MiB of RAM (from the screenshot, 503452KiB = 491MiB)

64 bit Ubuntu

Additionally, in my testing, a web-application written in Python used up to 60% more memory on a 64-bit machine which resulted in a test suite running in 380 secs on a 32-bit machine but taking 523 seconds on a 64-bit one (both with 1GiB of RAM). If the machines were not RAM-limited the results would likely be different (as phoronix tests show).

Here are some more thorough and recent tests: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~ckin...parisons.ods

mem free mem used swap used

Basically, it's like giving up 30% of your RAM in exchange of possible gain of 10% CPU speed.

  • Anonymous

Chinese spy, 26 Sep 2013No way, bro. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is way bett... moreOh, so a future device will be more powerful than what is currently on the market? Wow, only a genius could have figured that out. Stay in school.

These paid reviewers from Samsung are pathetic.

  • LoL

NoLifeMan05, 26 Sep 2013Nobody got time for that! But we do got time for androidsYea-rright! But you got time reading this news and posting LOL

  • Mocchasin

oujisan, 25 Sep 2013I dont think Apple wants to spend so much money to make a factor... moreApple already addressed this at their conference. the 64 bit chip is backwards compatible with ALL 32 bit applications.

  • Uranus is big

I should get the Sony Xperia Z 1, definitely better than 4s in terms of cost to performance.

  • NoLifeMan05

Nobody got time for that! But we do got time for androids

  • Chinese spy

p3numbra69, 25 Sep 2013watch this ... http://gizmodo.com/iphone-a7-chip-teardown-power-... moreNah, man. I ain't got time to watch those cartoons.

  • Chinese spy

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2013The A7, at it's clock speed in the 5s, is just the introduction ... moreNo way, bro. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is way better than that pancake tablet of Apple Inc.'s. Apple is in the sewers now!

  • Anonymous

oujisan, 25 Sep 2013I dont think Apple wants to spend so much money to make a factor... moreThe A7, at it's clock speed in the 5s, is just the introduction of this chip. I'm certain that the A7 will appear in the next series of iPads, where we may see the chip clocked higher.

  • Kuji2013

Iphone 5 download io7 and skype but not voice send

  • oujisan

I dont think Apple wants to spend so much money to make a factory just to manufacture one chip a year. thus contract it out to someone else which is Samsung.

64bit CPU's anyone remembers what happend on Pc's applications were not all compatible.. but that will quickly change.

I played with the 5C yesterday i like it but still prefer my S4 when it comes to typing and editing your typing if needed its a bigger phone thats mostly why i enjoy it. (big hands).

I think Apple could of at least clocked it a bit higher dont you guys think.. minor difference in the clock speed sure the CPU is more powerfull especially on 64bit but just for the dumb consumer will only see it as oh 1.3 only.. mmm

But apple fans will go take my parents money etc :P
or Blackberry customers will just buy them for a change and be different from the millions that left for Samsung (Way too many)

  • The Inspectator

Im just thinking about the result of the test!. Why there is no competitor like z1,G2,note 3? why all the competitor is all late produce smart phone and take note all the competitor is 2012 product produce HELLOO!!! IPHONE this year is 2013 LAST QUARTER!? is this mean that the innovation of the IPhone after the death of the fonder does not move anymore? and there engineer is still thinking? until now? so there innovation is like turtle now? im not posting this to ruin all of your post. im just a concern citizen to those people who love Iphone product.

  • Anonymous

Congrats Apple! http://www.anandtech.com/show/...-5s-review/5

  • Toyo

samsung rules, 25 Sep 2013What a shame for apple! Can even make their own chipset its thei... moreI think you don't know about chip manufacture. To make a chip, u need a big design. in this case, Apple designs A7 64bit (which is Samsung don't have 64bit processor) and then send it to samsung to made it. If samsung doesn't exist, apple'd found another manufacturer.

Okay, samsung has it own chip, but they don't have use it. They prefer to use snapdragon by qualcomm

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2013Apple puts the competition to shame. Just give up already. A dau... moreNot to forget about the OS which only has half the features compared to android os, thats y a dual core processor on ios scores comparative with the quad-cores on android since it has NO versatile features to test..

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2013A7 Designed by apple, Made by samsung/qualcomm/etc etc.. - best ... moreYou are hilarious! The A7 is not made by Qualcomm or anyone else, just by Samsung. And that's because only Samsung that can meet Apple's demand of such chip.
And Exynos is the fastest cpu out there. The last gen Exynos beats Snapdragon 600 in almost every benchmark. Same thing will happen with the latest Exynos, it will beat the Snap 800. And that's even before the update to enable it to become a true octacore. So what are you laughing at? Yourself? Lol

p3numbra69, 25 Sep 2013watch this ... http://gizmodo.com/iphone-a7-chip-teardown-power-... moreRead my 10-20 posts since yday and you will understand what role samsung plays in making the a7. They are nothing but glorified foxconn.
And my statement was regarding exynos.

Abhinavp30, 25 Sep 2013Hmm no. They use arm processors as is.There is no samsung custom... morewatch this ... http://gizmodo.com/iphone-a7-c...m=socialflow

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2013samsung customised exynos, it is still an Arm architecture, come on!Hmm no. They use arm processors as is.There is no samsung customisation in it.