Nokia reveals phone testing routine

21 Nov, 2008
Ever wondered what kind of testing the hardware of the phone gets before being released on the market? Today Nokia released a video showing more details about its testing facility and the testing process itself...

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  • ahaha

Take that corporation that invented the exploding mobile!

  • iyaz

i like nokia mobiles i'm provide to be nokia user

  • n79

yeap...another reason to buy n79...heavy dutyXD

  • mig blogger

firstly shud state that am a Nokia User. And regarding the Video; its seriously a very attractive marketing gimmic of Nokia... ;) the N79 looks awesome and the features are awesome as well... But it will get too famous in the market (like N73 & 6300).... thats the main reason I'm backing to buy it...

  • Anonymous

These tests are design phrase tests only.
The models show here carry the produce development code name rather than the actual model number.
All the test models
pre-production batches are to be tested this way.
It is like BETA testing.
Actual phones we get DOES NOT get this sorta treatment. Only one in a few thousand would be picked out and used as build quality samples and to be tested this way.

I got phones that has clear evidence they have NOT do any tests after they went off the production line.

Notebook makers also does similar testing for most of their designs. There were similar duration test videos released by all brands on their notebooks at one stage or another.

  • Rost

Mike, 24 Nov 2008Repair Technician// Don't talk nonsense, you sound really dum... moreMike, that is your problem that you are desing expert and no more! You make design, not final product.
Please don't be so cute to say you know every thing in this case.

  • Rost

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2008Testing routine... bull!!! I've had to replace the battery of my... morebattery supplied seperately and simpy packed with phone without additional checking. Nokia relies on QC from supplier.

  • Rost

Repair Technician, 25 Nov 2008 No, only prototypes have these test to find the serious design ... moreyou know process badly.
during mass production they use all testing in lab!!!

  • Rost

tj, 26 Nov 2008do they test all the phone before it is manufactured or just get... morerandomly

  • lully

i thought they made them and jus sent them out and waited for who steps forward with a fault. regardless nokias testing looks good.but there phones still constantly crash and freeze.

  • oren91

Are these the phone dummies or the working phones that they r testing on?

  • tj

do they test all the phone before it is manufactured or just get one random phone and test that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2008do you guys know that if the phones are water texts and scratch ... moreplastics are not scratch proof..even metals can be scratched.
people making screen protectors , metal casings or even pouches is not because they are DUMB.

  • Anonymous

do you guys know that if the phones are water texts and scratch prook why do you ned to scratch guard for the screen when the phone is scratch proof. I trust everyone has a brain to think and won't fall into this trapy adverts

  • Timmy-Boy

are you guys that dumb...
if they checked all phones, the phones we get will have dents and scratches...
they check a few so they no if it is a good model!
once they decide the phone is well built, they make loads more of them and ship them without the check...
(though they might check one in a hundres or so...)

  • Rocky

Very good decision indeed as lot of consumer don't have any understanding about it. Also consumers have biased opinion about country specific production. For example, made in China production of Nokia handsets. Very unfortunate, people haven't come out of such stupid ideas.

  • Mac

No way they can afford to test each and every phone. That would slow down the production and higher the costs so much that it would be bed business to build phones. No way Nokia! This is just marketing for naiv people.

  • Lowbie user

i do believe that , testing phones are QC .
but to test EACH phone that is ready , is something that is almost impossible to do.
but i do believe if they said that they test one of five units produced like other manufacturers use to do , if the tested phone failed , then its less one phone likely to fail out of box . or if it passed then its another good quality unit to be sold.
dont expect every phones are tested , yours are not vertus . where demands are always large , how do you expect to fulfill the demands of nokia buyers while every phone units are waiting to be tested?

  • Repair Technician

Alexzander, 24 Nov 2008yo, guys. all phones go through these tests so this is nothing ... more No, only prototypes have these test to find the serious design problems.
On mass production none of the phones have these tests. They have a functional and cosmetic check by one of the QA operatives. That is it, nothing more. Because of that phones can be very different compared to each other. One might last years the other dies after few days. A lot can depend on the technicians who rework the faulty ones from the productions line. They might do a rubbish job. And since the QA check is always the same, visual and quick functional these badly repaired phones can get out of factory as well. This is not only for Nokia, it is for all manufacturers of electronics equipment.

But, anyway, phones are not build to last these days. Fan boys will replace them every six months anyway.


x-pert, 24 Nov 2008OMG! Is this a comment web site or cursing one? Please please, ... morei am having a same problem with my n82 it started after the 1st month i bought the phone and till now am having this problem tried new software new firmware nothing seems to worked for me,,, its is hardware problem for sure the sound was really awesome when both speakers were working but now the upper one is dead and i have to hear my phone ringing, i never got time to go for warranty claim. Hopefully get it fixed this month.