BlackBerry sells unlocked Z10 and Q10, Z30 hits the UK

29 September, 2013
BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are now available SIM-free in the US as the BlackBerry Z30 launches in the UK.

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  • Malaka

i used more than 20 smartphones including iphones, lumias, and windows. Finally i brought this, it feels some professional, i dont know why,,, i think that is the deferent of BB, ireally love that feel. Hate android :D

  • yiannis

I had change to iphone 4s and then return to the torch. Then I had a problem with my Z10 and bought a Galaxy S4 and now I am ready to move to Z30.....
It is a tool. Extremely good typing and word prediction even with the touchscrene keyboard.
Minimizing roaming cost for the mails.
Fast and simple.

BB should be bought by Lenovo

Have used iphone4s. BB's are far superior to iPhone. You feel online when you use them. They are so robust, high talk, efficient user interface. I pray God that BB should turn - around after RIM down sizes.

  • asino

pls u guys if u don't know the value of BB phones stop saying whatever to BB company ok

  • hukin hinayu

Why does the canadians and the europeans got always the best and the latest while in america of united states, we are always stuck up with crapple and obsolete iphones. Its unfair.

  • Anonymous

If BB reads this reviews they should see that people are willing to buy their products but the price is way too high even after the Z10 came out in January it still ha sent gown down what is happening to the marketing guys at BB???????

  • PC

Diego, 30 Sep 2013With the company's uncertain future and with it's phones not off... moreWhen you say it doesn't offer anything new I assume you have not tried BB10. And if you have, I guess you just don't know how to use it.

  • Yogi

Black Berry and its Users are Unique, BB has maintained the Business standard along with Service by providing their Apps as BB Chat, Mail, Maps etc. to keep the user connected always to their Business World Globally , that's the reason they have created a Landmark in the Service Sector, If at all they are not into Services like Android which is much used towards the Younger generation, Since Business people do not have time for all such Activities you cant Declare that BB is not going to survive.

  • Anonymous

Chucky, 30 Sep 2013BB needs to make a android phone in order to stay competitiveNonsense. BB does not need an Android phone to stay competitive. It is better than any Android. It just needs to be realistic about prices.

  • Anonymous

Mr Grumpy, 30 Sep 2013People who value a proper phone with the best, most robust and s... moreYou are describing Nokia Lumia.

  • Mr Grumpy

Diego, 30 Sep 2013With the company's uncertain future and with it's phones not off... morePeople who value a proper phone with the best, most robust and secure messaging experience.

People who won't want to sell their soul to rubbish Google and have their handsets bombarded with adverts and infested with Spyware.

People who recognise that functionality comes first and foremost instead of stupid crap like how many zillions of 2-bit apps a useless app store offers.

People who are not Apple sheep or Android robots.

People who don't think that Shamsung are all that.

People who value functionality and form above how many octo core CPU's are required to make a buggy, bloated, sub-optimal Linux OS run smoother.

  • S1vashankar

What ever it maybe BB is out of business. I was have worst feeling for choosing Z10. I would recommend iPhone and Some good Android Phones that BB.

  • Diego

With the company's uncertain future and with it's phones not offering anything new (even BB Messenger is not exclusive to them anymore!), I can't imagine who in their right mind would freely or conciously choose to buy a BB nowadays. Heck, even an iPhone is better than any BB unit!

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2013Black berry is a good phone but but android is wat ppl want nowa... moreAndroid OS with hardware and price like z30? I'm still not buying it since the competitor offer much better spec for the price rage:)

  • Sadat

Z30 is remarkable. But skim pricing era is over for smartphones. So, BlackBerry should aggressively price Z30 at £300 to see immediate kick next quarter.

  • Dame

Will get one as soon as what will become of the company is clear.

  • runningman

I own the z10 and used to own 3 generations of iphones. My z10 is far superior. Also, i am going to get this z30 y'all hater's can stop waisting your breathe. It's a certain thing called personal preference. So, if you are so hyped on what phone you like, than go and buy it and shut up!!

  • Paximos

You can now buy the Z10 for $349 fron an USA online retailer.

So pride is still there as a status symbol, BB needs to help itself to save the company.