SFR reveals Android 4.3 schedule for Galaxy S4, S III and Note II

29 September, 2013
French carrier SFR has detailed the upcoming Android 4.3 updates for Galaxy S4, S III, Note II and HTC One.

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Will "note 8 tablet" receive 4.3 too?

  • sit

When update to 4.3 for galaxy s4?

ive notice smthing about this sis have s advance GB..when i play some video on his device its play smoothly but after i update it to JB...the video play like 15 fps instead of 29 fps....kindly disppointed on this JB update....

Arnob, 29 Sep 2013I have all three S4,S3 and Note2 hehe cant wait OPENGL ES... moreyou have all three? you're joking right? for what?

  • parsapoor

galaxy note 8 will be updated to android 4.3?

  • Anonymous

You know guys sometimes I get annoyed with android apps having updated like twice every month. And system update like every 3 quarter. It's making android phone system a lot more complicated. I mean updates sometimes making system requirements much higher and giving more loads to its computing power. Sometimes I wanted to go back to ginger bread. I think I'll buy arc s and will not update the system to 4.xx and stay with GB.

  • xpert phones

darkmy, 30 Sep 2013No update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?no !! you have to buy another cellphone better than s3 mini example S3 gti9300 Cuad Core

  • Anonymous

what date?

  • Anonymous

NoteIIuser, 30 Sep 2013Finally, Galaxy Note II update is coming I wouldn't count on that. First of all, this is not official. Second; Samsung already cancelled 4.2.2. No reason that they don't cancel 4.3 in December. They are holding back any Note2 updates for months. SO they can sell more Note3, of course. At least that's what they think. It will backfire. Sooner or later.

  • darkmy

No update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

  • roger

never believe in getting d Android 4.3 upgrade. Samsung doesnt provide Android for Note1 in Malaysia. What more can u get. Wait long long

  • NoteIIuser

Finally, Galaxy Note II update is coming

  • Touny

SyCoDRIVE, 30 Sep 2013did you r tab 2 not get the 4.2.2 update already? i have a P510... moreNo it wasn't updated and i keep trying to update it everyday either through the wifi or the 3G and no hope, Can you advise me what to do please ?

  • Anto @ Optimus G

Hey LG Optimus G, still stuck in 4.1.2, When will we get the Update? else just release the stock Android package for us.

did you r tab 2 not get the 4.2.2 update already?
i have a P5100 and it was updated

For note 8,have 4.3 or not

What about Sony mobile when they get 4.3 jelly beans update... ?

  • Touny

I wish Samsung could release an update for Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1 :(((((

  • Veronica

Jim Hart, 29 Sep 2013Android 4.3 is only for Samsung high end flagship devices like S... moreNote 3 is allready shipped with Android 4.3.
But thank God I have an Nexus 4, so by the time I get Android 4.4.

galaxy s2 ain't getting anymore official updates i guess?