Rogers will not be offering BlackBerry Z30 in Canada

04 October, 2013
The largest Canadian carrier does not believe in the market success of the smartphone.

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  • bbhater

BB still exist? Really. I tought it was gone like in the 90s.

  • nicolazzy

reon, 06 Oct 2013BB is one of the most fluent and user friendly, ANdroid is crapBB is fluent where? Blackberry has been bought-out because of poor technology planning. They've tried to do something which Apple and Google has already perfected. Go to google and read more about the declining of BB.

  • greybeard

reon, 06 Oct 2013BB is one of the most fluent and user friendly, ANdroid is crapThat's really a good joke! :)

  • bbfan

I read lot of your comments about your opinion on Rogers will no longer support Z30, you complain them but if you set your point to the chairman of Rogers (or Tmobile also), you can understand the reason.
Blackberry with BB10 can not help to increase the number of user but increase cost a lot, BB is going to be died very soon, stop to support them is the good decision (like the way Tmobile did )

BB is one of the most fluent and user friendly, ANdroid is crap

  • TC3D91

blackberry dropping off the market
OS 10 is nice to use but the lack of apps is disporting and how pricy (same price as a s4 ) but the worst is not having BLACKBERRY INTERNET SERVICES (were I stay in south Africa its the cheapest internet R60 or $6 a month were others $15 for 1 gig data)

Have just checked what tariffs Rogers charges to Canadians. This seems to be a rip-off company.

  • Anonymous

price is 2 hi god blackberry

  • Mag

Rogers is probably one of the most anti-Canadian companies that ever operated in Canada showing again why as it turns it's back on fellow Canadians. Sure they lost a bundle on the z10 but the z30 is a fantastic device from one of Canada's icons - turned there back on a company that made them plenty of money - they ought to be helping instead of hindering one of our Canadian staples.

  • TECH101

I don't get this about BBRY, for a company that is geared at business sector they are quite impotent; missing every deadline they have set, can't bank on this brand to follow through.. Waited on there BB10 Line, but they came out under supported(app ecosystem and OS updates) and overpriced(based on what is available elsewhere, not marketed properly (IMHO).
What about this android app support on BB10, where did that go?
This must be a product of SABOTAGE from the inside out.. ***trade commission***
SMDH head..

Frustrated soon to be FORMER customer.

  • ex-nokiaman

I owned a Z10 didn't mind the lack of apps (coming from lumia 920 ) but poor battery did it for now have lumia 1020 with camera grip . Battery life great.

Good point!

  • Shocked

BlackBerry Boy, 05 Oct 2013BB10 is cool to use and a million times secure than any other OS... moreI never understood why the Q10 was prices so much more than the Z10

Now the Z30 what have they done? bigger screen faster CPU, apart from that nothing
The Z30 should have come out with the Z10

  • Anonymous

Just buy unlocked phones. They usually cost less in the long run (at least in my country)

  • BlackBerry Boy

BB10 is cool to use and a million times secure than any other OS in the market but i have got to agree that their phones are somehow, overpriced due to which the average customer goes for a cheap Android which offers superior hardware but crappy user experience and not to forget, NSA spying of course. If BB can just make their phones affordable to average consumers then the platform will get more applications developers and it will boost the sales of their phones which would be good but BB won't be able to make enough profit out of it. Time runs out, so does luck.

if price will be acceptable i will go for it

pity because bb10 is much modern os as android ios and wp altogether only jolla sailfish can compete

  • Anonymous

Vino31, 05 Oct 2013Mid-range androids performs better than Z10.obviously you have never experienced Z10 first hand

the whole system is way smoother than an S3 or a Note2.

  • deserthawk

If only Blackberry will lower their prices, it will be a different scenario.

  • NJ

One good suggestion to BlackBerry.. Please do not sell your company, you can switch to Android. I believe if BlackBerry has Android OS running on their devices many people will switch to BlackBerry, but please make sure that you price your devices in a affordable way.