HTC infographic celebrates trios, nods at upcoming One Max

11 October, 2013
The HTC One will be probably joined by the One mini and the HTC One Max to complete the trio.

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  • Bluto

Cool phones and nice infographs. Keep it up, HTC.

  • boutabet mourad

yes but a like for 80 milliones................

  • OneOwner

Horrible Terrible Customerservice. (In Malaysia)

  • Anonymous

How embarassingly immature

HTC has fallen a long way. Their graphics and phones were once the coolest out there. Now...

  • n

scooby, scrappy band shaggy

  • volvo man

bring back the original trios ........
desire legend wildfire

  • Anonymous

am buying it thats it

that was veryyyy boring infographic. had seen better ones! yet I wish all the best for HTC

  • Hype

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2013A memory card slot? Whatever happened? maybe the near bankruptc... moreI'd prefer 64gb without micro sd then 16 with micro sd. Dont need more then 64gb, acctualy i have 32 right know and its competly enough. Anyway would be nice to see more storage in this biggy as i am going to put more stuff in it.

  • goron

alot of things this mean HTC lose to samsung because HTC didn't marketing their phones??
dont make ads HTC start making smartphone with SDcard slot.

  • Hype

Fei Fei, 11 Oct 2013It comes with snapdragon 800Its not shure. How do you that? Anyway I want it:D

  • Anonymous

A memory card slot?
Whatever happened? maybe the near bankruptcy made them realize how important it is to geeks.

Doesn't make sense.

It comes with snapdragon 800

  • Kettzy

Missed Charlie's Angels and Powerpuff girls... :D

  • Anonymous

Do be honest, if it is SD 600 I would be happy that, it won't power hungry like the Note 3. The battery life will be great. I'm really looking forward this handset if it turns out to be true.Oh and not forgetting the power jacket. Max power !!!

  • Anonymous

My new phone!

  • swift

ive decided that whatever the specs are its gonna be my next phone. for what i use my phone for, sd200 would probably be suitable if it even exists ha. beauty meets the beast in this one. HTC one but bigger? YES PLEASE

  • dlads

SD 600 ? Very doubtful that i'll be getting it if it is.

Why haven't we seen any benchmarks of it yet?

Either HTC is sending fake smoke signals to put us off the trail or it is a SD 600.

Time will tell i suppose.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2013Still snapdragon 600? Come on HTC...the specs have chanaged so much just wait see what happens