Samsung Galaxy S4 sales nosedive in August

16 October, 2013
Samsung's flagship sales have dropped to 5 million in August, from 7 million in June.

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  • PhilA

popye, 17 Oct 2013I have an iPhone 5S and an HTC One (which is better than SGS4) a... moreIf you think there's nothing that Android can do that the iPhone can't, then you don't know Android AT ALL!
How about:
have a "man sized" screen, larger than 4" (the Apple screen size advert clearly has a female hand, showing that the iPhone is "designed for females")
widgets on home screens
re-arranging the home screens as you want them
replacing the home screen with a different look & feel
replacing the messaging with a different look & feel
copy ANY video file to the phone & play it immediately

Yes, the 5S will ALWAYS run faster than any other phone on the market at the moment, because it's the only 64bit phone on the market, if you didn't know that then I suggest you leave sites like these until you get your knowledge level up!

Not to mention that the HTC One, Galaxy S4 & Xperia Z1 are all full HD screens, so their PPI is 33% higher than the iPhone, meaning a better viewing experience

As for the HTC One being "better than the S4", you don't take any photos then, because the One's 4MP camera is laughable quality - but if you want the best camera then you have to go Nokia Lumia

I almost laughed out loud at your comments, they were so ignorant!!!

  • Anonymous

szymon247, 16 Oct 2013Sorry man, the SGS4 is much better balanced than the Iphones. Ev... morethough it got top notch spec, but i don't find its quality top notch personally

  • Anonymous

LOL @ samsung fanboys desperately trying to find reasons to defend.

  • Anonymous

JGrove, 17 Oct 2013Check out the Nokia Asha 501 rubbin' elbows with the big boys, h... moreNo thanks! Keep it!

  • Anonymous

lilrick96, 17 Oct 2013Please just stop it. Just stop it.Please don't stop. I want mooore!!

all this silly "not selling well rubbish"... haha
the Galaxy S4 (not even including the mini or the active versions) sold 23 million units to the end of June... 7 million in july and 5 million in august
So there are already around 35 million sold in less than 5 months!! add in September and it will be around 40 million total sales of just the normal S4! the Galaxy S3 has managed about 60m lifetime sales so far. and the Galaxy S2 around 40m lifetime sales. you don't factor in the S4 mini sales.. but you sure can factor in Galaxy S4 active into total S4 sales since it basically IS a Galaxy S4 just with added waterproofing etc ... so it's probably about 45million+ sales so far in about 6 months. hardly not doing well is it?!

I'll take my S3 over the S4 any day. Specs wise on paper, the S4 is better, but my friend has the S4 and has a lot more lag than I ever do on my S3. also, according to Cnet drop tests, the S3 is a lot more sturdy than the S4. I think Samsung rushed the S4 out a little quick and didn't optimize the software and hardware like they did with the S3.

  • #getalife

popye, 17 Oct 2013I have an iPhone 5S and an HTC One (which is better than SGS4) a... moreIve seen you on a few samsung pages on here just pointlesly moaning about random **** in one post you even started talking about justin bieber to try and make a point... your thursday life seems amazing i wonder what your weekends are like!

popye, 16 Oct 2013The iPhone 5S is the best smartphone right now. Both critics and... morePlease just stop it. Just stop it.

szymon247, 16 Oct 2013Sorry man, the SGS4 is much better balanced than the Iphones. Ev... moreI have an iPhone 5S and an HTC One (which is better than SGS4) and I prefer my iPhone 5S to my HTC One any day. No forced closes, no lag, no app not responding, no malwares. Just straightforward fast, fluid and top notch performance. Aside from the petty extra features on Android that I hardly even use, there is nothing that Android can do that the iPhone 5S can't.

  • Anonymous

Lg g2 and IPhone 5s eats SGS4 market share.

Best smart phone from best hardware manufacturer in mobile industry, that is s4.Now people trying different brands because of competition .surly they will come back to saamy again.

  • ckj69

I would think that the recent news on SAMSUNG bringing in regional locks is going to impact heavily on their sales as well.

Far too many people want to be able to use their phones when they travel

If they go down that road, I for one will stop buying their products. I purchase their products legitimately and their statement saying that it would unlock if activated 1st in the country of purchase has already proven to be false.

very disappointed SAMSUNG...come to your senses or your sales will nosedive even further.....

what about combinie all s4 versions in one....?

common for this time of year, everyone has bought ...

The "era" that,...WORLDS has tremendeously decline the "PLACTIC CRAP" brand.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2013The iPhone 5S is barely a smartphone. How can it possibly be bet... more64bit DESKTOP performance, the best phone in the world.

I should know I have both.

  • Dogman

The galaxy s4 can nose dive all it wants but its still a v.good phone. Yeah the htc one might look better but looks isn't everything.

The s4 has a better battery life and the addition of an m.card slot is sweet.

And pls dont compare the note 3 with the iPhone 5s, they are two different phones completely for two different people. The 5s will sell more cos of its compact design although I can't still understand watsup with the high price of a 4inch phone.

  • Anonymous

HoldEm, 16 Oct 2013Why would I want to spend more money on a 4" 2010 product w... moreAs if you have cash to spend. Duh!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2013Note 3 release, iphone 5s release...anyone with a brain would as... moreAugust! This is about August, not October. Try to be at least a little bit relevant.