Hugh Jackman says get a Micromax Canvas Turbo

18 October, 2013
Actor Hugh Jackman has been introduced as the new face of Micromax for the Canvas Turbo.

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  • Anonymous

Dharma, 19 Oct 2013I am really getting proud to be comment here about my phone comp... moreStop suggesting people wrong things their phones suck I bought a canvas gold and the feature of the phone wasn't even close. Now the phone doesn't even work properly

  • meghachandra

i wait mmx cnvs turbo world people like cheapest n best phone its come in mmx cnvs turbo so i love it n like n waiting...

  • MXFan

It comes with 16GB ROM, with around 12GB for the user and has no option for the MicroSD Card. what disappoints me is that, they have not provided for the expandable MicroSD card.

Only 2000 mah battery...No improvent in battery

  • Anonymous

This time they may give 2 gb RAM .....guys if its really like that it is going to blast each and every opponent in that price range.. Peace and patience bro.

  • Anonymous

Hugh Jackman for Micromax...AMAZING!!!...coolest thing ever any Indian brand did. History is made guys...Hollywood endorses an Indian brand...Superb!!! One Canvas Turbo for me too, please

guys check these links for whole front and back pics of micromax canvas turbo.this canvas turbo is just another re branded phone from china.this phone is Wiko DarkFull

  • sandy

when the canvas turbo release in store.i am eagerly waiting for that.

  • Pranay

anxiously waiting for it...a 1080 pixel display first in canvas series...its gonna catch attention i think :) coz micromax has always kept a reasonable price :)

re branded of Wiko Darkfull shame shame shame.

  • Snowy River Edition

I like this trend. Indian stars charge in multiple crores for endorsements. Foreign stars might even be cheaper.

  • Rahul

sushant, 20 Oct 2013xolo play is a better option....its specs are as follws: •12-co... moreXolo doesnt have reliability like micromax...and thats truely a LAVA phone...

  • Rahul Saha

Feeeling Proud as Indian to see Micromax bagging such an Actor As Brand Ambassador......It will Surely Take on the lead......Mmx a headache for giants lower price better devices...wooo now time to joy 15k and you have it all like in us and uk 200dol..min tag and you get a good smartphone......congrats

  • lolita

Abhishek, 19 Oct 2013Micromax Was the first to Introduce a Phablet (Canvas) then with... moreyou were saying "Micromax is Improving a lot and learning from their previous mistakes(And is improving not only hardwares but also the softwares of their phones)".
so you are paying them by buying all their 'improving' products in the hope that one day you can buy a so called 'improved' product.? investing is it? how many percent r u sharing? so good of you (^^,)

  • Sammy

Dont know what the phone would be,
Going according to the name as TURBO it must have atleast 1.5ghz QC, 2GB RAM, 10GB ROM. regarding costing 20Grands is all OK for this.

  • Aziz

abhi, 19 Oct 2013some chu.. people ..hate micromax ..i m sure someone is also no... moreAbhi best comment ever heard from u there are people who hate different typeof phones even branded

  • rk

nimki patel, 19 Oct 2013this is useless.. when the world has finished doing something, ... moreIthink what usaid thats right##but here the price is matter### a 20k smartphone giveu all these think that u want frm higher range mobiles....

  • Anonymous

meandme, 20 Oct 2013I hv canvas 4.. Dis phone is amazing.. Waiting for turbo.. My li... moreWhatever

  • sushant

xolo play is a better option....its specs are as follws:
•12-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU
•Full HD 1080p Video Recording and Playback
•NVIDIA Direct Touch
•1.5 GHz NVIDIA Tegra Quad-Core with a 5th Battery-saver Core
•4.7-inch HD IPS OGS Display
NVIDIA TegraZone for Gaming
•3D Stereo Gaming
•NVIDIA PRISM Display Technology

  • SKB

Only, if it can spend some money on improving its after sales service network. Then there could be nothing that can stop them from taking over the entire market.