Xperia Android update schedule surfaces through leaked image

20 October, 2013
The image allegedly shows when the current Xperia smartphones will be receiving the Android 4.3 update.

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  • amit

Y Xperia e is not getting updated of 4.1 to4.3 plz tell

I use sony xperia e dual and i want know that will xperia e dual receive update to 4.3?Is this news officially created by sony co-operation? please anybody tell me about this information..

  • Timus

Will sony xperia e dual receive update? is this news fake or real?

  • Evolution

T and TX are almost identical. So if there is update for T, there must be for TX as well. They were release at the same time. And on top of that, they are powerful enough to run 4.4 KitKat.

  • Anonymous

Alan, 02 Nov 2013what the diffrent between Xperia E and E dual anyway..the sony xperia e dual can hold upto two sim cards instead of just one. that is the only difference

  • arEf

Why Xperia T had 2 Option?
Yes or No ????? plz say YEEEES.....
i stuck with 4.1.2

  • dumma

why xperia v not get 4.3

  • Alan

what the diffrent between Xperia E and E dual anyway..

  • dyfroster

Nowadays, they update to IOS 7.0.3 already, my Xperia tx still stuck with android 4.1.2 , not seen update anything....

  • dyfroster

Another company they update to IOS 7.0.3 already, my Xperia tx still stuck with android 4.1.2 , not seen update anything....

  • Evolution

This image is fake. As you can see SONY XPERIA T is listed twice in which one is getting 4.3 and the same model is not getting 4.3. I'm just gonna wait till SONY confirms.

  • Vikash

If XPERIA SP gets 4.3 and not my XPERIA TX, its good to say goodbye to SONY. They both have same CPU architecture and even better memory space and camera in XPERIA TX. So far as I know, there can be only reason for these problem i.e. TX being 2012 model and SP being 2013.

  • Evolution

Android 4.3 should be available to some of XPERIA 2012 models as well. The Q4

sony xperia 2012 not update to 4.3 because they have Snapdragon s3 and android 4.3 doesn't support it.

Sony Xperia v if the 4.3 update, and users would truly have the greatest injustice to the right!!!! Users will bye and makes Sony the Sony ...!

Sony still better than other brand, Sony still giving update for some old 2012 phone compared to shamesung

  • sameera

y not for xperia v

  • Erwin_Rz

I Just read this information. but I wonder why my Sony Xperia E single cannot update? Beside, Sony Xperia E Dual can update it.

As we know that the difference from dual and single is just about SIM card. and everything is not different.

Does anybody know how??

please check this link :
they say that this will not happen !!!

  • pradeep

hey what,abt xperia P