Nokia Lumia 1520 goes on pre-order for 700

24 October, 2013
The Windows Phone 8 phablet will ship by the end of November, pre-orders require 100 deposit.

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  • Anonymous

Jean83, 25 Oct 2013Thats sure :) Spec counting,them only way to lure costumers :) ... moreWow...You really cough know what you are talking about for sure

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013 I can do this f... moreOr especially this?????

Horrifically dirty apple and jobs

Or because you did not same them and they contradict what you are saying do they all magically not count now?

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013Here take another shamesung's shameless act- moreOr this???
Shameless Nokia!!!!!


  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013Buy a shamesung phone and lose your limb when it explodes- ga... moreWhat about theses?­rt=15&tstart=0


  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013Shame-sung being shameless- moreNice try...He did not start this. You and other jealous trollers did.

  • Anonymous

Transfomer, 25 Oct 2013At least I am not like u, alway bashing, bad mouth & condem... more"At least I am not like u, alway bashing, bad mouth & condemn other brands with fake info like u did"

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Am I on candid camera or something?????
....oh wait...You were not actually trying to be serious were you?????????
Since the moment we crossed paths on this forum that is the ONLY thing you have ever done....

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct to any other company which was fined?besides ever... moreAnd there you go contradicting yourself too. This is quite amusing....You claim you only tell facts and don't unjust bash or hate other companies as well.....More contradictions. That's all it ever has been with you anyway....From that first moment...AS soon as I disagreed with a bashing comment from you and called you out......

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013They don't need it? LOL...then why did they admit it- m.blogs... moreBWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LMFAO!!!!
You love love love love love love to manipulate things don't you. Yes because only SAmsung ever did things like that...And you probably 99% read my comment about what HTC did first, but just disregarded it....And 90% of Samsung pages is Nokia Bashing???? bwahahahaha!!

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013So you can't even read.....i expected more from samsung but now ... moreYour logic never ceases....

  • Anonymous

Loser, 25 Oct 2013Are you buying note 3 for the sake of S Pen? Something is wrong ... moreSo quick to jab.
It's funny pages of windows phone users bashing and whining about others trolling, but 90% is from windws trollers. How many of you now have replied harsh to me and bashed on something you thought would hurt me while I have not bashed on anything yet...
So I'm pointing out specific facts in response to things that have been said. In return I get rude comment sand bashing replies...But im the trolling fanboy...Yet tell me once where I showed disrespect to Nokia, windows phone, or any of you?

  • Anonymous

popye, 25 Oct 2013Android is a resource-hungry mobile operating system that runs o... moreObviously you do not understand the technology of the displays and did not read what I posted about them...And that is only one aspect...Which is not even the full story.
Again. Either Aut brightness was not actually on or it did not adapt quickly enough. App like lux should also allow you to take care of such brightness levels on your own.
You have not clue what you are talking about...Just bring a fanboy

Jean83, 25 Oct 2013I will certainly consider Lenovo miix 8. But there is still com... moreIt willboil down to a "management" issue! Not what the people want!!!

waya, 26 Oct 2013the best phone in the world.. I use samsung so suck then I use s... moreMy Samsung takes care of everything and I'm also looking forward to the Xperia Z Ultra. I won't be buying this because of the OS, it's too limiting for me

the best phone in the world.. I use samsung so suck then I use sony good for me like in heaven.. next I will use nokia for more better than android.. a milion sfwre android it suck.. damn

Tech.Chief, 25 Oct 2013Acer also has a W4 coming, with 8.1 pro full office too (not tr... moreI will certainly consider Lenovo miix 8.
But there is still compromise to be made :(
its screen will solve the scaling issue with 8.1 but i(we) are spoiled by new high ppi screens so its an issue too :/
Keyboard too :/ its nice to have smartcover and pen. are right.MS or Nokia should address this.8" with new "bay trail"+phone capabilities+some kind of smartcover and pen.
But i guess its too much to ask for :(

Jean83, 25 Oct 2013you mean oui :) @off topic Was looking for Surface 2 Pro,and... moreAcer also has a W4 coming, with 8.1 pro full office too (not trial).

Nokia would have killed it all with a 7 inch or at least a handy 8 inch with full office and voice call and 3G function ( Unfortunately the put that on a 10 inch surface twin).

For you, i will go with a stylus enabled Windows tablet because no matter what Microsoft the desktop icons are still standard ( non tablet modified). So the regular finger touch might be a bit difficult.

Jean83, 25 Oct 2013you mean oui :) @off topic Was looking for Surface 2 Pro,and... moreIf you are not to much in a hurry, i think you should wait for the Lenovo miix 8, it's coming with a stylus and just 8 inch and really handy.

If you do a lot of fieldwork, then you will need it. Surface screen keyboard won't be easy to use when you are standing.

The Lenovo also comes with full office (not trial)

Tech.Chief, 25 Oct 2013Ci :))you mean oui :)

@off topic
Was looking for Surface 2 Pro,and man....they started playing dirty as Apple do :(
500eur for 500Gb :( +trial Office :(
What is happening?

Jean83, 25 Oct 2013Try harder ;) mon amiCi :))

Tech.Chief, 25 Oct 2013It engineer, except your manuals for your It things are written... moreTry harder ;) mon ami