Samsung fined $340k in Taiwan over HTC smear campaign

24 October, 2013
After its investigation, the Fair Trade Commission in Taiwan has decided on a NT$10 million fine.

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  • Anonymous

carl.johnson, 28 Oct 2013As expected,you have no answer,so you're doing just what you alw... moreNice try. Repeating what you just did which I just pointed out.
You sat on a page on a topic and continually and bashed in a biased manor. All the while claiming nobody had links to back up their claims....Cause you worked ever so hard to sit on a specific page and make claims.
While on another page you still went on about it and used multiple of the same link as well as multiple links of the same topic/point. Also left many dead/false links.
All while still whining about links.

So I gave you links. I was able to provide multiple links, on multiple issues, on multiple companies. All in a couple minutes. All which were related, factual, and debunked what you said...Where as you are just ignorantly bashing and being biased. Also which took you time....

I gave you facts and links like you whined for....And now you are trying to manipulate things to your liking to say they do not count. Like it or not they are nearly everything you asked for and show you are just being an ignorant troll. And I now had to explain this again...Because Some how when you just start to side track of in order to scapegoat things somehow it's me not giving answers...When I'm just pointing out things exactly as they happened and you just simply do not want to accept my answers.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2013Oh yeah....Or you would do the part I forgot to mention.... Twi... moreAs expected,you have no answer,so you're doing just what you always do,troll!!!!

  • Anonymous

carl.johnson, 27 Oct 2013" Apple........shocks" Exactly like samsung... &... moreAnd again. Lying and manipulating the actual facts.

Truth hurts huh?

You cried about facts and someone actually posted them.

They there are and now with them present you are going to try and switch everything around.

Sad part is that was just a few links on a spectrum of issues with many companies. Which all took me no more than a couple minutes. And they were are completely real, associated, and debunked your claims.....

You on the other hand had to repeatedly sit on a specific page pertaining to one issue with one brand while claiming nobody else had links. Yeah...That was hard work.....When on another page you re-posted the same thing a lot or multiple links on the exact same topic, left a lot of false/dead links, and spent a lot of time just to hatefully bash on one specific thing.

Twist, lie, manipulate all you want...But you cried for facts and they came your way,

  • Anonymous

carl.johnson, 27 Oct 2013And not a single one of them was about someone spying on the doc... moreOh yeah....Or you would do the part I forgot to mention....
Twist/negate/sidetrack/manipulate as to overlook everything I stated and add in your own exception that in your mind is supposed to overlook what has been proven and actually does negate your hateful biased bashing.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2013Apparently you have not seen Apple steeling, copying, illegal ... more" Apple........shocks"
Exactly like samsung...

"Nokia fake adds, battery explodes,"
The "fake ad" was
using a camera with OIS to demomstrate OIS in 920,that's why they were not even fined or banned because the ad was mean to demonstrate OIS
Unlike your dear samsung promising,falsely,that upgrading to a high end galaxy would be rewarded with a tab 2,and this ad was banned for this-­-misleading-samsung-galaxy-tab-adverts

And about the battery exploding,that was one stock waaay back in 2010....unlike shamesung whose flagship of every year has incidents of exploding ,including S2,S3,S4.....
And there are many many more incidents of galaxy phones exploding.......

" "HTC"!!!.....more superior"
Much like how samsung did with apple or apple with nokia...everyone knows a ceo would hate it's competitors,and you are comparing it with hiring students to bash others online and post fake reviews??yeah right....blinded fanboy......

" LG's Touchwiz galaxy phones."
LOL...copying??much like samsung and everyone else,right....

" LG, HTC, ......... out."
Much like samsung advertises best display,but are either oversaturated and not even close to best under sunlight........

Learn what is fair trade before trying to justify this act of shamesung......

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2013You're just saying that because you are on this page so yhou don... moreAnd not a single one of them was about someone spying on the documents or paying students to bash others....NO!!!only your shamesung and to some extent apple can stoop so low........

  • Anonymous

Really, 25 Oct 2013This is not acceptable. Terrible company. Terrible values. They ... moreApparently you have not seen
Apple steeling, copying, illegal patents, trolling
battery explods, shocks,
Nokia fake adds, battery explodes,
"HTC"!!! Using Samsung parts in the One and others then their CEO personally bashing on Samsung and the S4 and bragging on about how the One is so much more superior...and never to forget their ever so known hardware failures
LG's Touchwiz galaxy phones.
LG, HTC, Sony marketing accurate amazing displays but either being saturated and/or washed out.

It's all a game....But Samsung is the one offering the most all in one.

  • Anonymous

Latina, 25 Oct 2013If it wAS Apple iphone caught with feud and fraud the comments o... moreSo in other words you have no clue of what's really going on and are just commenting in a jealous trolling matter.

  • Anonymous

tony.s..tark, 25 Oct 2013And now shamesung fans are saying every company does it without ... moreYou're just saying that because you are on this page so yhou don't have to post anything else. You know very well other companies do all kinds of crap.

You just love to troll and be jealous.

And as you now saw I showed you plenty of links since you wanted to play the link just did not think people would post anything....
And you still ignore the fact of what HTC did first. Even while using Samsung chips

  • Anonymous

zankok, 26 Oct 2013Well I've always been under the impression that Koreans don't pl... moreYou need to check a lot of your facts

  • Anonymous

Missue, 26 Oct 2013Srsly... Samsung > HTC in anyways... HTC its just anohter com... moreSrsly... Samsung > HTC in cheating anyways...

-I've fixed that statement for you :)

  • Anonymous

Once again,shamesung has been caught red handed on its cheating ways!!

  • Anonymous

i think b cool is a samsung employee :)

  • Samarth N8 808 owner

As much as I believe in quality of Samsung's products, I believe that such moves are not expected from the Korean giant.

When you make good products, why not let people themselves do the talking?

If I was Samsung, I would pay agencies to give me smartphone usage ideas... Ideas that could actually add features.
I'm nobody's fanboy, but I do appreciate stuff. However, this was a cheap move.

  • zankok

Well I've always been under the impression that Koreans don't play things fair since long ago.
In sports or business or any other fields.. They are protective of their own country and try very hard( by any means) to win.
Hyundai used tech stolen from Mitsubishi before venturing out their own.
Samsung used some tech stolen from apple. Heck, even the plugs looked exactly the same.
I'm not going to go into sports scene here.. but it's just not surprising to me anymore that they have done it, I just wish more people would have known about this.
Samsung's phones are alright, actually more than alright,.. even though they lag no matter how many cores they put in, I just wish Sony HTC Nokia or even Huawei would come up with better phones but they really have not quite nailed it, Sony's tft screen (I have the Z1), HTC One Max of fail, Nokia with WP nuffsaid ..., Samsung still has the dominant hand in smartphone market right now .. they always put the best spec available and which works wonderfully appealing to customers, when customers have very limited information about the product they are buying they will simply rely on the spec information, which is misleading in some sense.
If only HTC has that phablet that smacks the note 3 in the face....

  • Missue

Srsly... Samsung > HTC in anyways... HTC its just anohter company playing pity role, try to get people buy there "broken" stuff. My HTC one was the worst phone i have ever purchased.

derty3d, 25 Oct 2013well, Htc is the best , samsung only know copy technologiesSamsung just copies? Do you even do your research before saying stupid and outlandish comments like that?

derty3d, 25 Oct 2013well, Htc is the best , samsung only know copy technologiesGet a life and wake up... don't you people ever get bored of the "x copied/copies y" nonesense? Be creative and come up with a new thing. You are "copying" someone else, who "copied" some other person who was also "copying" a third one!!! And now you claim Samsung, a company who made millions of profit money from selling millions of devices that they are copying? Wake up
If Samsung is "copying" then they must be the best copiers ever!!! None of the other companies is making profit as Samsung, even HTC which I personally never expected them to suffer but it happened and now they got offers from companies to buy them. So, Samsung copies? Tough luck because they are doing way better than the ones they are "copying".
All companies play dirty corporate games because its all about making money, as simple as that.

  • Yo Yo Honey singh

Maez, 25 Oct 2013Samsung should know that karma will you.ha ha ha ha

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2013Good oneYes man can try to live with only 25gb user space and non expandable storage but that 4 mp ultra pixal camera just puts me off...they wud have gone 4 regular 8 mp camera ...again i pitty for htc...they have no money what so ever