More Nexus 5 images leak, Sprint version confirmed

30 October, 2013
Images of the Nexus 5 have leaked out of Taiwanese certification authority NCC, set to hit retail next month.

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  • N4 owner

I would suggest that you look into a diff brand. The N4 at 2000mah is just 4hrs browsing, touch sensitivity is bad, camera worse, very hard to find a video out cable thats compatible, sound output is low, no multitasking, low resale value.. I wonder why Google has to contract with LG when they already have Moto.
Plus if being sold outside playstore, price is high and not worth it.

  • Samm(uel)y

The battery of 2300mAh is a shame.
I think the phone will flop solely due to the battery life.
For a 5" phone running on 2.3 Ghz quad core CPU power guzzler, 2300 mAh will not last even 8 hours
Compare it with Nexus 4, which has a smaller screen and slower processor, but runs on 2000 mAh.
Its a shame!!!
I think LG is is going to derail the Nexus 5 on purpose. It has the LG G2 to worry about more than Nexus 5.
The floor is open guys, pls protest for battery!!!

  • Cenas

john56, 30 Oct 2013no flat cables earphone very disappointedNo grey USB cable. Very disappointed.

  • Biggs

This confirms the ~137mm height which is taller than the Nexus 4. Disappointing!

it is quite thick ..

  • OsiDrix

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2013Oh yeah. Google is the best in the world

  • rahul

upcoming best phone in the market 2.3 ghz snapdragon 800 processor 32 gb variant with 3100 mah battery expected launch price 350-400$ thats going to blow up samsung and other android devices in market.

No flat cable for the earphones, that makes you very disapointed?! If that is what counts for you, buy yourself a Blackberry Q10 OR z10, they have flat cables for the earphones.

I think I'll wait to see how long the battery lasts before I consider it. I'm okay with the 32gb capacity, and even with the sealed battery (probably easy to replace if you have screwdrivers and a new battery).

Stock Android without the Touchwiz garbage on my Galaxy S4 Active would almost be worth it by itself. I'm already getting weird behaviour where the GS4A's high screen sensitivity turns itself on even when I have Air View turned off!

akki, 30 Oct 2013Just hoping that it is a 16gn model n the 32 gb model will have ... morethere are 16 and 32 gb,but battery only 2300 mah

no flat cables earphone very disappointed

  • Anonymous

don, 30 Oct 2013hey...wat could the ram ?? 2 GB or 3 GB ??

  • don

hey...wat could the ram ?? 2 GB or 3 GB ??

  • akki

Just hoping that it is a 16gn model n the 32 gb model will have 3000+ mah battery instead!

  • Tom

I bet this phone will get like 3.5 hours of screen on time before it dies.

  • Adomas

Meh... i need a phone with a bigger battery.

  • ren-ren

simplicity is beauty.

  • Nick

the head phones look cheap, apart from that..nothing new, just release the phone already

It doesn't look as good as expected :/

  • Anonymous

Oh yeah.