New Samsung W2014 flip phone runs Snapdragon 800 processor

02 November, 2013
The fastest Samsung flip phone (and possibly the fastest flip phone), the W2014 is exclusive to China Telecom.

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  • Anonymous

The U.S. need the new Samsung w2014 2.3GHZ Quad Core Snapdragon 800 Processor 13 megapixel camera to be release soon in the U.S. This phone is cute and small and not so big like the note 4. It is easy to fit in your hand, pocket, and purse.

  • Anonymous

The U.S. need a light weight flip phone that have 2.3 GH, with a 13 MP camera, and not so big and gody looking. The "Samsung W2014 would be a perfect device with all the option like a Galaxy 5S'. It is small enough that it will fit in your pocket. When will china release device in the U.S?

Every thing is installed on my phone but I don't know what happen with Google play store. I installed 7 versions of Google play store and no one work on it. It 's not supported NOTHING from Google, and is selling like compatible . Do not be fooled and do all questions about it.

  • Davetone

I truly dislike the all touch screen hot plate size smart phones, and would like a decent flip phone, light weight and compact, a phone that is comfortable in my pocket and not a brick!

This looks good, but kind of big. Make it smaller and it's a winner! I would buy Samsung

  • Jazz

We need flip phones in England now! There the best, I would buy one now and I ave a new I- phone, bah. Now please.

How is Apple even remotely paving the way in this phone. Hmmm, last flip iPhone oh right never! Hate fanboys!

  • Mike Chudej

Can't wait to get this phone. I've been waiting for a flip phone for ages. I can't use those touch screen and have no need for it. I just want a simple phone and simply prefer flip phone. I miss my N90.

  • anon

To all who think flip phones are a thing of the past. Anyone who went straight from the Razr (or however it's spelled) or blackberry (*shudder*) to the iPhone doesn't know the first thing about how awesome flip phones really are. Face it, the cell phone technology in the the U.S. is a joke. Talking into an LG-blah-blah-blah is like talking into a brick. Please people, stop drinking the Apple coolaid and bring in some of those new Casio flip phones with the Exilim lenses and 8 to 14 MP cameras. I weep every time I look at my piece-of-crap iPhone and remember how I can't use my badass Japanese flip phones on the American "grid." It's a tragedy.

l love Samsung.., 09 Nov 2013Please.. Flip phones are phones of the past. Have some mercy.. J... moreYea, but for people like my grandparents, they don't need a smart phone. They need a simple cell phone

  • Nana

i'm anti-Samsung actally, but my husband is a samsung super fans... even hp, refri, washing machine, all is samsung brand... @~@.. i love this flip phone because i m looking for a big screen + touch screen + flip phone for my mum... awaiting!!!

  • l love Samsung..

Please.. Flip phones are phones of the past. Have some mercy.. Just let them go.. Create something futuristic.. Samsung. Go forward and progress..

  • ninja

i would just go 4 a flip phone with a decent os that DOES NOT LAG cause flip phones just look cool... honestly, who would buy a flip phone 2 play high end games or watch videos in the least...what can u really get out of a small sceern

  • Anonymous

Dave, 06 Nov 2013There's no way that this flip phone will be any success here, I ... moreToo bad for your theory they are touchscreens

  • Dave

There's no way that this flip phone will be any success here, I honestly can't see why people would go back to this crap phones. It takes forever to do things on the screen if you must use buttons, touch screen is the best option hands down and will remain that way until they comes up with something else

  • AdamBoy64

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2013Why vertical? Seems a waste with qwerty touchscreens... I woul... moreAny QWERTY that has a vertical keyboard is typically going to last longer, as there's no hinge required.

A horizontal flip or slide phone with a keypad would be better though, I agree.

Still, I'd take a number pad / T9 over touchscreen input any day.

  • Anonymous

Why vertical? Seems a waste with qwerty touchscreens... I wouldve gone for a horizontal flip design, but maybe dual screen with optional touch keypad or an almost square design which would fold into tablet size dimensions...

gam30toronto, 04 Nov 2013I am not a Samsung Fan. But i appreciates Samsung making flip ph... moreFantastic comment.

  • gam30toronto

Samsung_Luv, 04 Nov 2013Dude i think u live in the rotten apple world. samsung has given... moreI am not a Samsung Fan. But i appreciates Samsung making flip phones. You can easily see the future here... the future is back to flip phones with big outer screen for reading texts/emails/notifications and open up to read details with a bigger screen (possbility 2) or with a keyboard. This has to be the future of phones. It's always back and forth between flip and bar phones.

  • Anonymous

9oo ooo ooo, 04 Nov 2013they have features that you even don't know aboutyeah... they have 3d screen like 3ds

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2013flip phone just trend in japan .. but their flip phone just usin... morethey have features that you even don't know about