Motorola posts teaser page for upcoming Moto G midranger

04 November, 2013
The affordable Moto X alternative will be officially unveiled next week on November 13.

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beware. motorola has a reputation for not providing any good software upgrades to its mid range phones. try to remember what happened to defy+ that was perfectly good for ICS and in fact would have greatly benefited from it. The most you are going to get on this one is 4.4. if you are happy with that. go for it. but don't expect it to upgrade to the next version. you will get a standard motorola response stating that 4.4 provides the best user experience for your handset.

  • Poor Moto

The price tag does not make a phone midrange but its specifications, When Note 3 is with 3G Ram phone with less then that going in the midrange and below, like some "premium brand" The android OS is involving so fast that needs better hardware and that is pushing the sales. If you want android experiance get premium device not some phone that is running android, other way stay in the past :) and try to enjoy the life not your phone.

  • LOL

poor moto, 05 Nov 2013Midrange is not! now is almost 2014, Midrange means the phone li... moreAverage salary in my country is about USD $400 - $500 per month... In many countries, they do not have operator bundle so it means you compulsory to buy phone off contract. Now you saying 2014 have to be all high end model? That means I must spend a lot of money for high end mobile phone? THINK ABOUT IT!! that price + import tax + profits from retailer = probably around $350 in here. Thats good enough for most of people budgets.

poor moto, 05 Nov 2013Midrange is not! now is almost 2014, Midrange means the phone li... moreiphone 5s is of the most expensive devices to date. It's is msot certainly not a mid-range device.

Moto G is very very low end specifications, and should be priced extremely low, $149 maximum. Unfortunately the have set a too high asking price for it. It's not worth it's price tag at all.

poor moto, 05 Nov 2013Midrange is not! now is almost 2014, Midrange means the phone li... moremidrange phone is 720p screen, 1GB of ram, 8MP camera max. There are people who don't need phones with huge screen, 16 cpu cores and 64gb of internal memory - they use laptops. You can't make a midrange phone with 16+ GB of internal memory and 400+ ppi screen because screen technology and flash memory aren't so cheap yet.

  • poor moto

Midrange is not! now is almost 2014, Midrange means the phone like HTC one and iphone 5s now.Motorola is way back in time into the smart phone market they do not have idea the difference between low range and no sale phone. Good look moto spending again , marketing something that is obsolete even before to be realeased. Sorry Moto.

panosch, 05 Nov 2013cheap and motorola is not possible. when motorola sold a cheap d... moreFlipOut was very affordable when it was out. Got it for 149$

At the time, it was the only 512MB RAM device in that price range.

The prices of RAZR XT910 in Europe after it's launch price was over, was also great compared to competitors.

Not sure what happened to Moto X. It was suppoed to be affordable, but wasn't. And this moto g looks like an attempt of failure. It can't compete with any device in it's expected price range.

This new CEO seems to be a complete fool

  • panosch

cheap and motorola is not possible. when motorola sold a cheap device in the past ? never, nor will do now. it is like the "cheap" iphone

  • razorblur

Need sdcard slot. 8gigs is too small.

8 GB isn't enough for the app ecosystem of android.
is it supports software features of Moto x ??

  • Guest

With those specs, this has to be competitively priced against the nexus! seems Google has every phone avail in vanilla android at diff price range but only exclusive to playstores, not targeting yet the growth markets where cheaper asian brands compete.

  • Riyaz madappally

Please start selling phones in India and open your outlets in india in the name of hello moto

  • jaybird

I am sure the price is incorrect. Just like iPhone 5c pricing rumors. This phone will compete against the likes of Samsung galaxy grand, Sony xperia C in India if google has any plans to release in India. Remember the $200 nexus 7 was priced more than 20K during its launch in India.

  • awrg

There seems to be people in the UK who already know a lot about the phone.
Is there any more info ? I'd really love to know. Thanks.

India is big market....
So come back to India with proper marketing and good care center support....
Then Motorola will again rock in India....

  • Anonymous

Moto X is widely available in South America, i got one and it is a remarcable piece of phone, with a serious chipset and a bigger screen would be perfect

the best welcome screen ever!!!! go Motorola!

  • allblackt

Storage seems kinda low at 8 GB with no card slot.

  • danielpot

We want dual sim! Do it motorola!

'This is welcome news considering the Moto X is next to impossible to find outside the US.'

Moto will not release the Moto X around the World and then will end up crying saying 'Low Sales'.