HTC posts loss in Q3, predicts declining revenue in Q4

05 November, 2013
Q3 saw the first quarterly loss in the company's history, confirming last month's preliminary report.

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  • Jarret

Worst case scenario...

for a time it was good for HTC...but switching from Windows to Android really killed them. HTC made its name from making Windows Mobile devices that were elegant and had advanced features.

If they stayed with WP, WP would be much more mature and robust now

(as i see them competing with Nokia for exclusive content and features - thereby immensely pushing the OS to advancement)

oh well. HTC has gone from being an silent innovator (back WinMo days) to being part of the (Android) bandwagon - because the OS was "free" (apparently, security risks, malware and lag was freely part of the OS as well)

...and being part of the bandwagon, only the noisest member gets to be known (looking at you Samsung).

farewell HTC, i enjoyed your Touch Diamond, Touch 2 and the Xperia X1 you manufactured for Sony Ericsson.

I really hated Nokia back in the days of Ericsson/Sony Ericsson VS Nokia, but now i think Nokia maybe the last innovator of the times. Nokia WP devices blow the rest of Non-Nokia WP devices when it comes to content and functionality WP does not offer by default.

there's still a gap between WP and the other OSes, but that gap is slowly closing in. if only HTC would go exclusive WP and compete with Nokia...but thats wishing too much. i think HTC will be the first of the droid manufacturers to die.

The HTC One - the world's best smartphone. I have one as well and it is simply fantastic.

The problem HTC have is that their advertising needs to be better. The stupid advert Robert Downey Jr and co dancing to the speakers of the HTC One make it look like a joke. A simple, powerful advert would get sales booming again.

HTC is renowned for excellence. Do not listen to people bashing HTC, chances are they have never owned one before. I have owned an iPhone for years, a Samsung Galaxy S2, and an HTC One. Let me tell you, this is the best of the best!

  • pippo

when you grab a HTC fone, with maybe the recent sense 5.0 running on the home screen...
u just don't need to be with the crowd...

  • Cris5

I guess there following Apple products specially to there Non-Removable batteries and camera. Costumer and fan like me really matters for that. We know the real HTC before, there always making there product more cool and full of specs. I love the specs of HTC Butterfly only the Non-removable battery. I hope they will make another Butterfly with 32/64GB internal, 4GB RAM, 16MP Front & Back, Gorilla Glass3, Removable 10000 mAh Battery, 2.something Ghz on processor, Suppeeer HD Graphics and Sound, that would really satisfies all peoples need.

More Power to HTC =From: Costumers from PH!

  • kick ass

lower down your price then you will have a lot of buyers

  • doctorwho

Well the HTC One is an incredible phone but it started bad because of shortage of camera lens in April,making the phone slightly more expensive than expected,then came the purple tint issue in 80% of XDA users,an issue that is fixable as hardware only,this alone made the sales much lower than expected in the last month (the software fix was promised with 4.3 update but never came).
I for example sold my HTC One to get a samsung S4,thing I would have never considered if my One didn't get the purple tint but was nonviable in the end

  • DK

Well.. they could have spent some money and made iron man sequel and have positive quarter earning. :)

  • DK

Well. with hugh jackman in their pocket. they could have made a X-Men movie to make Q3 profit..:)

  • Pjz

Htc one, htc one x, htc phones ect mean you get ONE update only, great design but seriously lacking in software update then again your average user don't care too much about the lastest updates.

  • Anonymous

Experience, 06 Nov 2013 Very sad. Ugly cheap quality Samsung survives. And superb g... moreHtc one repair ability 1 out of 10 .polycarbonate is better than , this soda can aluminium on htc one. Non removable battery and no sd slot , htc is following apple.This overpriced crap brand deserve it.

Very sad.

Ugly cheap quality Samsung survives. And superb great quality and features diminishes.

  • HTC Desire Z

That is normal they are no longer in the market for premium device! Now they competing with apple for the medium range devices with premium price tag and as we see they loosing badly!

  • Anonymous

HTC is relying on the One Mini and the One Max to turn things around....*gulp*

The main cause for the poor sales of htc smartphones is their higher selling price in all price categories, especially in low and mid range.

  • Guest

HTC have great designs since the beginning of android. But todays competition is quality hardware, and useful software. Give us waterproof, lightweight phone with amazing camera and multitasking multiwindow capabilities. Thanks.
Maybe release a phone with entirely diff OS but Android app compatible.

  • Anonymous

Hope they make a huge comback, i honestly hate samsung they break easily here., Galaxy s1, reformats by itself and broken power button, Galaxy Note battery bulges and reformats itself, galaxy s3 reformats by itself after a year of use. My Htc touch pro 2 still works fine after i threw it. literally threw it when i was pissed, my htc one x, still working fine without any problems.

  • habanablu

yeah .. what happened to HTC was not listening to consumers and one that I have seen lately is that it not shows the full range of terminals .. Black first then the red, then another color ... .. The biggest turd was the MAX .... How you think of to make a low range mobile and sell as high range .. MAX is a beautiful phone but very poor for competition ..

  • htc fan

In india u can get a htc butterfly for rupees 33500 where htc one mini is 34500. Htc mid range desire lineup is costly where competitors offer 720p screen mobiles in the same price range....Htc should reduce prices of old desire mobiles earn revenue and should revise its pricing. Other than htc one the prices of other devices are not justified and I dont want htc to be another blackberry.

nebsif, 05 Nov 2013funny how HTC fanboi's only argument against the galaxy line is ... moreof course you can wear every day cheap ugly rain boots and own only one pair, instead of having classy shoes for each weather