2014 Samsung flagships to have 16 MP ISOCELL cameras

07 November, 2013
Next year's Samsung flagship devices will have ISOCELL and not BSI cameras on board, 16MP a lock.

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  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 10 Nov 2013I am a Samsung fan, but I disagree with you.Weather you agree or not it is fact.

  • Anonymous

Sch, 11 Nov 2013In your dreamsIn their dreams? More like yours. When Samsung made their own cameras it resolved better photos than Sony's and many only rivaled by Nokia.
Sony has only made Samsung sensors for a couple generations for the main of it.
Even while using Sony's sensors Samsung has used VASTLY superior software tuning to yield much better results out of the same sensor.

Now that Samsung is making their own sensor again it is extremely plausible that they will use their own.
As well as this tech that sounds promising it is easy to assume that it will be better than Sony sensors as in the past.

Riviera, 09 Nov 2013The supplier will be Samsung. Samsung has surpassed Sony in c... moreIn your dreams

Chommz, 07 Nov 2013Apple have bought the company who developed the finger print sca... moreJapanese Fujitsu was the first to make a fingerprint sensor phone, back in 2003.

Riviera, 09 Nov 2013The supplier will be Samsung. Samsung has surpassed Sony in c... moreI am a Samsung fan, but I disagree with you.

  • NOOO!!!

Only (8)MP camera ISOCELL sensor???. =( Where is 16MP ...???.

Riviera, 09 Nov 2013The supplier will be Samsung. Samsung has surpassed Sony in c... moredoes it matter..cause there are several manufacturers that designed it together...and will use the same one

  • Riviera

The supplier will be Samsung.

Samsung has surpassed Sony in cameras.

werw memori caed slod????

  • Clinton

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2013IOS is needed, and for Gods Sake Samsung, use a xenon flash. Ios or ois??

Mark Fauzii, 07 Nov 2013One day...., Samsung acquires Apple. They need Elop for that!

if Sony is the supplier imagine what is coming for the next xperias...

samsung rules, 07 Nov 2013True! The fingerprint scanner was first introduced by motorola a... moreThe Toshiba G900 had a fingerprint scanner in 2007 and my Toshiba G910 had Biometric fingerprint scanner in 2008.In fact the cect a480 pda phone had a fingerprint reader as standard.

  • Jarret

Good task. That is a good news to Samsung will take-on Apple...

One day...., Samsung acquires Apple.

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2013your wrongHow do you know I'm wrong?

  • Anonymous

I dont love thotties, 07 Nov 2013You don't need 41 mp... You are all about who specs are better. ... moreYour eyes can't see it? Then why would you want 41mp? So you can zoom into a mouse in a picture of manhattan? Pointless, unless you're a photographer, which I assume you are not. Don't be silly. Also, any cameras on a phone of that spec have a huge bulge on the back so they aren't even comfortable in your pocket, look at the s4 zoom and the Lumia 1020. People buy phones at outrageous prices with high spec camera's then take self portrait photos of them on facebook.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2013Please samsung put fingerprint scanner, dual led flash and 64bitcpuI think you need to put up a bit more fight than this, dude.

  • Anonymous

recklesslife85, 07 Nov 2013No there not, stop talking rubbish. Apple took a failed tech and... moreThey are. steve jobs ftw!!

  • Anonymous

Tornado Red R32, 07 Nov 2013This I agree with.I'd happily have half the number of pixels my ... moreyour wrong