Sony Xperia Z1S camera sample leaks

12 November, 2013
The rumored mini version of the Sony Xperia Z1 could come next year under the D5503 model number.

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Anonym, 13 Nov 2013I understand your arguments, but you are falling under a fallacy... moreYou are speaking from pure speculation my friend. That very well may be true? But I am talking from a standpoint that will better suit Sony OVERALL! Correct me if I'm wrong? But isn't Sony attempting to gain market share? Well let me tell you, Sony will never gain by sitting on the pot.

We have been hearing of both the Z1 & Z1s or mini since May of this year. Which means these devices were locked, loaded & ready to fire. All Sony had to do is pull the trigger. If they needed to do all this supposed PREPARING. Well they had more than enough time to do it in a timely matter. If you are a company playing catch-up in a race. You don't hold back, cause you no longer have the luxury. You got give it your all. And if the means releasing a product on a faster time table than normal, in order to gain equal footing? Than so be it.

So do not mistake my annoyance with Sony's lethargic nature, for naively not understanding how marketing works! My argument & point is simply. If Sony is truly looking for gains in the mobile market world? Well now is they're chance. And trust it isn't going to get any better in the future. I'm not arguing whether or not the phone is completed? I'm arguing, it should have already been done by now. Regardless.

  • Anonymous

i think this is going to the beast in the mini version of smartphones and one think to be consider is that being a mini version of z1 sony must take the price consideration too

  • may

Its too late and too expensive,am sure

  • RT

yup, 13 Nov 2013Sony UI is more simplistic and vanilla then any other UI that I'... more"S-me everything I dont want" nice...lolol....but the thing is that Samsung is selling its gimmicks in millions. People somehow want to have their devices.

  • Anonym

Common Sensei, 12 Nov 2013Gotta disagree with you. Even if it is quote on quote "adve... moreI understand your arguments, but you are falling under a fallacy. You are assuming that just because they have a final product design they are also capable of selling it right now in all shelves.

Nothing could be farther from reality. We are talking about the need of making thousands of units and then shipping those units to all corners of the world.
Costs are an issue with shipping, so forget express international shipping for thousands of phones.

Best case scenario there is at the very least a 30 day hiatus between having produced something and being able to actually sell it.
(You can call this best case the units that are being sold in Japan. -- Now they need to produce enough units for a worldwide launch. That's many times the number of units already in Japan.)

They do this marketing trick until they can actually put the phones in the shelves, it's not really by choice but just taking the best of what they can do right now. As a plus they can also gauge what is the expected demand so that they can adjust upcoming production.

  • prabu

Waste product and no good service by sony

  • yup

Sony UI is more simplistic and vanilla then any other UI that I've used. I dont mind it at all. I rather have a phone that isnt flooded with "S-me every thing that I dont use".

Just download apps and be done with it. Fanboys complain and whine about bezels and UI not being feature rich. Rubbish. Iphone succeed because its straight foward and mindless. Andriod succeeds because its open and limitless. Coke is great. Timeless taste. But theres nothing wrong with a nice cold Dr. Pepper either.

I personally like to have my space and something as true to andriod as possible. GIMMICK free. CHEERS!

No news is bad news. Maybe I be getting a BlackBerry Z10 next week instead of Z1s then.

  • z1

many expert reviewers say xperia ui is excellent and better than other ui's out there.

  • Sony User

Stupid Sony for delaying this device. No wonder Koreans maker are taking over Japanese.. shame on you Sony

sherlock holmz, 12 Nov 2013next cheap ui on the way.. sony must design new ui for its phon... moreCheap look ui? U do know there is a lots of custom launcher available for android? Xperia ui are the most nearest to stock ui google had made and its already being mentioning all across the tech blog and web. What do you really want sony ui should be? The ui looks great with the form design , maybe it just not suited for a kids.

  • zahoor

Sony all models, wastege of money

  • Gabirex

was waiting for the release since the end of august, I gave up.... just ordered a 5s

Anonym, 12 Nov 2013It's called "building up hype", a one-on-one marketing... more(CONTINUINED) Grabbing alot of customers due to the lack of reasonable sized flagship phones with high end specs. But if Sony continues to sit on a golden goose. By the time they do release it. (Seemingly 2014). The hype or release of other flagships will be stealing Sony's thunder. Watering down, the sheer greatness of this device. As of now, Sony has leverage, why waste it by waiting?

Anonym, 12 Nov 2013It's called "building up hype", a one-on-one marketing... moreGotta disagree with you. Even if it is quote on quote "advertisement". It's bad advertisement if so? And more importantly a terrible marketing strategy overall in the bigger scheme of things. Waiting & waiting to release a product regardless whether or not it's building hype, is a bad move. Reasons being. We pretty much know everything about this device there is to know. Specs, design, software etc. So all that's left is actual release. Which can also bring disappointment due to OVER hype. Lastly, 2014 is right around the corner. Which means new phones. As of now, if Sony released this product in a timely matter (NOW). They'd have a jump on the market. Grabb

  • sherlock holmz

next cheap ui on the way..
sony must design new ui for its phone.
z1 was sooooooo boring like z like s like others late.

  • NewGuy

NewGuy, 12 Nov 2013The only thing worse than announcing a new model is to announce ... moreWorse than WAITING with an official announcement, I meant of course...

  • yce16

tomorrow i will go to get an iphone 5s , i was waiting for too long for z1s!! shame for client that wont buy z1 mini

  • NewGuy

The only thing worse than announcing a new model is to announce the new model to soon! If it's not possible to release the new model to the market soon enough after the official announcement the customers will most certain loose confidence and buy something else.

Remember the early announcement of the Xperia ZR? It took several months after the official announcement before the ZR actually was released to the market.

I believe it's more frustrating to wait several months after an official announcement before I can lay my hands on the new model, than waiting for both the release and the official announcement...

But that's only my humble opinion

  • Anonymous

APG, 12 Nov 2013Fail to understand, why Sony is playining this Cat & Mouse g... moreWhat are you talking about? you mean the leaks? maybe you should look up what a leak is. it could be that sony itself leaked that intentionally though. leaks are a good thing. if a phone just gets released without leaks then it won't be known as much