ZTE announces Nubia Z5S and Nubia Z5S Mini

19 November, 2013
ZTE Nubia Z5S comes with a full HD display and is powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor.

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  • joe


Does the Z5s mini LTE have optical image stabilization and Glonass support?

  • Bobbbyy

Great job ZTE!

Jubalbad, 20 Nov 2013I'm very much amused at the name, Nubia Z5S Nubia = Nokia/Lumia... morezte bought Nubia..look it up

I'm very much amused at the name, Nubia Z5S
Nubia = Nokia/Lumia
Z5 = Samsung (S4) and/or BlackBerry (Z10)
S = Apple

lol :D

  • swieyue

The Nubia Z5 models use the new Sharp IGZO display, which claims to have only 1/10 of the power consumption of IPS display.

  • Ping

4,7inch is not f**** mini, got me excited for a while :(

WHEN WILL YOU F**** PHONEMAKER realise there is a market with no competitors for a high end 3,7-4,0 inch mobile atm?

Dont you dare make it wider than 60mm.
Meanwhile im using the slowass xperia ray STILL after 2 years.

Sorry Im angry no phonemakers fullfill some of us customers need.

  • koollapin

Battery 2300mAh..... I think it uses maximum for 4 hours =))

2300mAh ? ? ?
Who wants to walk around with a charger in their pockets.

  • Graz

Before anyone says about "stealing ideas from Apple", remember Apple originally stole the idea of coloured phones from Nokia. It's all about utilising ideas from other manufacturers.

  • swieyue

Z5s is using CGS (continuous grain silicon) panel at 1920x1080 pixels. Z5s mini uses Sharp IGZO panel at 1080x720 pixels. I think CGS is even more power saving than IGZO.

engadget says the mini has a micro sd

  • anon

kind good enough for me...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2013yeah right, i doubt it would doo much to save battery... we will... moreyeah buy a indian tata car over BMW just because tata car has bigger engine than BMW lol

Nubia Z5S? Looks like they name their phones with Lumia, Xperia and iPhone names. WTH ZTE!

  • Anonymous

no memory card this thing are bad

  • Sock

kpmkat, 19 Nov 2013@Peter From Poland Read about IGZO panels - they are really ... moreYes, but they are prone to burn in

nubia???? :S
WTF is nubia?? Is it Lumia for n00bs :D

  • Paks

GS88, 19 Nov 2013How can 4.7" be mini :'( I really hoped it to be less tha... moreThe "mini" versions of smartphones sometimes go like this: "I am a (slightly) smaller and less powerful version of the other one."

  • Anonymous

IGZO is used not in Z5S,but Z5S mini.
Z5S with 16GB and CNY1,999 will not feature OIS.

Peter From Poland, 19 Nov 2013Good specs, terrible battery.... Not possible to last a day...You should read a little bit before posting a comment.