Leaked Xperia Z1 images show T-Mobile USA's phone

26 November, 2013
Or do they? There seem to be minor changes in the design, like a moved front camera and 3.5mm audio jack.

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Anonymous, 27 Nov 2013Seriously, this phone trashes every competition. The battery ... moreI have z1 and the note 3. I have to say this phone is pretty fast but the Note 3 has a more colorful and slightly better camera for night performance. I am looking for their new firmware update hopefully it would bump up the camera on par with the note 3.

about the corner ..since my hand is slighty bigger than the phone, so I do not have problem holding it but the corner does make your palm uncomfortable if you have it point into the center of the palm while the note 3 do not have this problem.

Slayer, 27 Nov 2013You are clearly trolling! The Z1 has a 3,000mAh battery currentl... moreFrom GSMARENA G2 has 25hrs talktime,11h 22min browsing,11h 51min video playback and62 hrs endurance rating vs 27h talktime,6h browsing, 6h 12min videos playback and 53hendurance. Z1 lags behind G2 in battery performance. Z1 have a huge body with 5" screen vs G2 with smaller footprint but a larger 5.2". The sharp angular corners of Z1 is unfortunate since it digs on your palm makin it more uncomfortable to use with an average hand size. These are facts no matter what u say.


i like your phone and its feature

Hello, I like to know how is the music itself?

  • Anonymous

Seriously, this phone trashes every competition.

The battery is great, and stamina mode makes it even better without interfering with your daily usage (mine lasts about 3 full days before I have to charge it again)

The display is also great, anyone who tells you z1's display is like Z haven't seen it even once.

The cpu and gpu are both great, respects to snapdragon.

The camera trashes any other phone (except for lumia 1020)
It's low light performance is just awesome, and in decent light you'll get a much better picture than any of the competition (samsung htc etc)

and last but not least, the design is just breath taking. No other phone can be compared with it in terms of design.

All in all, it's great in every aspect, sony's done a great job on this one.

  • Anonymous

Good for you americans....just got mine and its just a amazing phone...best one ever

  • brooklynsour

If it comes to T-Mobile can it come to AT&T too? I want thie phone, not for 660

i think all the complains about battery life is not true.. because i had bought xperia z1 since 2 month ago and so far its performance is great.. I have synchronized 2 email accounts and 13 application accounts including fb, twitter, path, line, bbm, whatsapp, kakao, wechat, etc. and there is no problem with the battery life.. The stamina mode is really works.. I also playing games such as clash of clan, battle beach, hayday, townsmen..

  • Slayer

LGGFlex, 26 Nov 2013Sony sacrificed battery life in exchange for a super thin Z Ultr... moreYou are clearly trolling! The Z1 has a 3,000mAh battery currently only rivalled by the LG G2 which has the same size battery. I own both, remember, and the battery life of the Z1 is similar to that of the G2 and both last me almost 2 full days! It is clear you do not own this phone so please stop spreading lies, we've exchanges posts on here before. I don't mind people having an opinion based on fact but trolling is simply lame and not acceptable. There is a LG G2 blog and I doubt most on here will care what you post there! By the way, just so you know, my LG G2 is white and purchased through Panamoz! I do prefer my Z1 for reasons I have explained before. I do not intend to respond to any post in reply to this since it is clear to me your agenda is to troll this site!!

  • TMoLTe

xperianxt, 26 Nov 2013when Sony release the Xperia Z for T-mobile they lost more then ... morewhere are you getting your numbers from?

  • Anonymous

xperianxt, 26 Nov 2013when Sony release the Xperia Z for T-mobile they lost more then ... moreXperia Z was the one that lift Sony xperia line. It's still their top selling flagship. What are you talking about?

  • Philly Jim

I want it

dlads, 26 Nov 2013What are you lot on about? Battery life is decent on the Z1, but... moreI have to agree what is with everyone crying about the battery life?? Obviously you guys don't own the devices. I personally own the ZL, Z Ultra, and just recently purchased the Z and i'm not having a problem with the battery life at all. It is based on how you use the device. If your using the internet all day and watch tons of movies then of course the battery life is going to suffer.

when Sony release the Xperia Z for T-mobile they lost more then they made. It was a really bad move. Lets hope history don't repeat itself.

  • dlads

Box215, 26 Nov 2013I'm not sure what all you Sony battery haters are doing with you... moreOnly read your comment after I wrote mine, pretty much what I was saying to be honest, the battery life is superb.

  • dlads

What are you lot on about? Battery life is decent on the Z1, but then it depends on what youre doing with it.

For a normal day for me i'm left with about 33% battery and I use my phone a lot so i have no idea where youre getting your figures and thoughts from.

Obviously you have to nurture your phone to an extent, so any apps that are keeping your device awake or making it work overtime are going to be bad for it and should be cut out, adverts in apps are bad and should be avoided and any wakelocks on top of everything else mentioned should also be sought out and eradicated.

Hate it when people with no clue about something make an assumption and talk like it's the truth.

I'm not sure what all you Sony battery haters are doing with your phones. Or if you've even owned an Z1 (I can't speak for the Z Ultra). Coming from the Galaxy NEXUS, the battery on my Z1 is a revelation. I haven't managed to kill the battery in 1 day with normal usage. This includes a couple of phone calls, hours of being connected to Skype, some games, several dozen text messages, checking sports scores/fantasy etc. So yeah... unless you're playing games non stop or you keep your brightness turned up to max (why would you need to? unless playing a game maybe) the battery is more than sufficient.

  • free pizza

the Bluetooth connectivity kind of slow. I had the HTC -HD2 before and whenever I walk in the car with Bluetooth turn on started the engine and a few second after the music turned on. but with the Z1 it took forever to turn on the music automatic, or I had to turn the blue tooth on and of myself

  • Shttr

Looks like Z1S to me

Sony sacrificed battery life in exchange for a super thin Z Ultra. It's a bad move since battery is one of the most important part of a smartphone. The phone is useless with a weak battery.