ASUS December 11 event will make the Padfone mini official

06 December, 2013
The Padfone mini is rumored to feature a 4.3" screen and a 7" tablet dock.

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  • Noahz

i dont think asus is bad as that. coz as a user of asus google nexus 7 2013 device is kinda good. i got my update always. maybe just the other device. dunno :D

  • Noup

No update & software support. very slow updates. since most users change phone every 2 years or so anyway why bother buy this?

  • qwerty

Pete, 06 Dec 2013Announced December 11 on December 20th ASUS will disconinue firm... moresoftware update on other padfones was pretty frequent.

  • Pete

Announced December 11 on December 20th ASUS will disconinue firmware support. Will never buy anything from these idots after the transformer tf101 fiasco.

  • Geek-Penagos mexico

we need a bigger size of the PADFONE A 13 inches size....that would be greatest!!!!

  • Steven

Hope, is a dual sim:X

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