Samsung Galaxy S III LTE version gets its Android 4.3 update

12 December, 2013
After the original Galaxy S III units received their Android 4.3 update it's time for the LTE ones.

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  • Hakim

How to update the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE Version.

  • Anonymous

samsung version updeta new

  • Rosa

The 4.3 I9305XXUENA1 doesn't have any problem with battery or applications!! it solved all my problems.

  • ken

got new S3 and upgraded it to 4.3 but now the phone has become too slow and also certain appications have started functioning abnormally like gallery, camera which exits by itself :( :(

waiting for a solution ...

  • jith

This update made the phone lag like anything. 4.3 update sucks... Waiting for 4.4 update..

  • Hugh Bardfield

4.3 is a waste of time - has reduced battery life by about 50%. Having to continuously manage apps to get a whole day out of a charge, and I'm a light user by most standards. Samsung need to sort this one out or go quickly to 4.4

DO not upgrade!!! I had mine upgraded and it was OK for a few days. A few days only, mind you. There after, the whole phone keep on rebooting without stopping and cannot even charge. Data receiving becomes very erratic and phone at times just cut off. I am bringing back to the agent .

  • om

when it arrives to Iran?

  • Hydraphilic

Read the comments sections before you update, everyone seems to be having issues with the new update.

  • ff d h h

When will it arrive in Hungary? Plesse tell me!

  • ff d h h

When will it arrive in Hungary? Plesse tell me!

  • Anonymous

I have the s3 lte version, i live in Cyprus and i haven t received the update yet..

  • rahil

when 4.3 will come in Bangladesh? ???? plz any1 tell me...

  • Justbryte

I like how everything looks, getting used to where stuff was moved to. But since the update, my phone keeps redownloading everything I've ever downloaded. Like every few minutes! It's killing my battery!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2013Same here bro! Samsung is a useless company ! Nxt time I wil pre... moreOh! Haha. I got that wrong. So in this case you are so immature that even though it announced that you are getting the update and it is rolling out to most places as we speak, that you cannot live your life without anger because you have not received it yet....Got you. Even though it should also be going up to 4.4.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2013Same here bro! Samsung is a useless company ! Nxt time I wil pre... moreAre you seriously delusional enough to believe that only Samsung has ever had a buggy update??? Or that apple has not had horrific ones?

I got the update on my s3 lte international (Greece).

Pros: great colors on the screen, newer better app icons, some more features in camera, better organisation on the settings, some new motion gestures and other features, transparent notification bar, lock screen widgets.

Cons: the phone lag a lot, sometimes it does not register my touch on the screen, more ram usage (before when I pressed Clear Memory, the default memory that was left used was 0.7GB, now it is 0.99GB), sometimes it takes up to 3 seconds to wake up after I pressed the power button.

Keep in mind that I did not make a factory reset, maybe with a factory reset these problems will disappear, but I currently do not have time to setup my phone again.

If someone had the same problems and manage to fix them with factory reset or some other way, please inform us.

Just updated to 4.3 early this morning...major mistake!!! I hate this new S4 wannabe. Does anyone know if it is possible to reinstall the older version of JB??? I am really FURIOUS over the slimy endrun with Google Maps. I hate the new maps, so I uninstalled the updates and kept the one-touch, older Navigation. This update automatically erases the older version and forces the new Maps on you w/o your knowing until too late. The S-voice sounds like some amateur soundboard piece of crap instead of the near-human voice from my S3...WTF????

  • Anonymous

Mike A, 13 Dec 2013How do I get the update quicker. I want to have time to play wit... moredon't do this upgrade. ruins your phone. they are working on a fix.

  • Anonymous

Samsung,better update the firmware rather then updating Samsung Apps,Samsung Hub,Samsung Account which are barely used by anyone.