LG, HTC, Huawei set to lose market share due to low sales

27 December, 2013
The LG G2 has reportedly sold in only 2 million units out of the targeted 10 million for 2013.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2013Well, BMW M5 have as many horsepower as Ferrari, and it's cheape... moreI am using the LG G Pad 8.3 as I post this, and am quite pleased with this tablet,can it use JB 4.3 sure, but JB 4.2 is smooth as butter, especially with Nova Launcher.

  • Anonymous

Stani, 27 Dec 2013Yep. You're right. People are becoming brainwashed. The g2 has t... moreWell, BMW M5 have as many horsepower as Ferrari, and it's cheaper a lot, but which one would you drive? Same thing with phones, nobody wants LG even if it has best performance.

  • Jayasudhan

Particularly in INDIA. There is no partiality to publish the software update in thier models.

If they follow this partiality in future LG mobiles will be die in the deep mutt. This will deadline for this brand models.

  • Jayasudhan

LG Optimus 4X 4.4 Kit Kat update based their mobile market will depends "decrease" or "increase" or "stable". Let''s see how LG will treat this ?

If they release 4.4 Kit Kat for this model without Bugs then they can stable and slightly increase in the market.

Else surely they will face the decreasing face at all in future.

This is LG'S Secret for thier Market .

  • Protocol

Stani, 27 Dec 2013Yep. You're right. People are becoming brainwashed. The g2 has t... moreSamsung Galaxy S5 isn't out yet?

popye, 27 Dec 2013People are only buying the popular brands which there are only t... moreYep. You're right. People are becoming brainwashed. The g2 has the same build quality as the Galaxy S5, the same shitty android skin, almost the same features, but it's more powerfull, it has a dreamy bezzel free display, an OIS camera, a better batery and it's already schedualed for an KitKat update. But the S5 still sells like hot bread.

  • Mr Grumpy

HTC One - non expandable memory, fixed battery, tiny notification LED that you can barely see, ludicrous pricing and rubbish UI unless you are a prepubescent teen who thinks Farcebook and Twatter is cool and love Blink Feed.

LG G2 - non expandable memory, fixed battery, stupid button positioning, no 32GB version for the UK. Quite frankly, you deserve to fail.

Huawei Ascend P "whatever" - fixed battery, rubbish battery life, rubbish UI and about as desirable as acne.

Is anyone surprised that this lot are suffering from poor sales? The *only* reason Samsung has cornered the market is because they produce wave after wave of tired boring Galaxy spinoffs for each niche.

  • Jay

I think LG G2 will be last successor model for LG..

Hereafter let's see what will happening in your market status ?
Downgrading or ??

  • Nepal Nicky

Not only LG optimus Vu all of the LG phones are facing the same issue. IF they are releasing the software update it will be after android(above 3 or 4) released updates. so who will suggest and go this brands.

IF they are concentrating only money they will stand in this field much long. I am assuring this on here.

They Released 1 and 1/2 years back 1st flagship model named as "LG optimus 4x" still they haven't realesed 4.2 Jellybean atleast.

This is the LG current status for all models.
why should user will continue this....

Lets see in future how people will treat a LG mobile as Reverse of current market (Decreasing Starts)

  • Anonymous

iRahul, 27 Dec 2013Dont provide updates. Dont provide SD card. No removable battery... moreLG where are your phone updates? Thought so. RIP

  • jt

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2013lg sold millions of phones both feature and smartphones worldwid... moreI purchased an LG Optimus vu and we're still stuck on ice cream 4.04. Most of the other companies have already upgraded to jelly bean
On their phones. If LG wants to stay in business, they have to take care of there customers. When they came out with the LG Optimus vu 2, it was only for the Korean market. They should have released the gsm version for the people in Europe, India and the USA and any other country that uses gsm phones.

  • Anonymous

LG sold OVER 52million smartphones for the whole year of 2013...

and 16million Feature phones

a Total of over 68 MILLION LG PHONES SOLD IN THE YEAR OF 2013!



I think its because of the rise by sony..they worked very hard and made some profit for them xperia Z was sold like boom...it crossed 5 million in 40 days and xperia z1 also did reasonably well
And they have a good phone in every range.
Their price is quite high but quality is awesome and service is good
Just have a problem of non removable battery
Lg really dig their own grave by nexus 5 but they will earn a market share by it...
Difficult for sony to beat lg till they have nexus

zzzzzzz, 27 Dec 2013HTC price their phones too much. They're not Apple where people ... moreU speak as if samsung doesn't make refridgerators and microwaves.

  • Pars

Sony & Nokia are the best

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2013Philippines LG are selling most of their phones at 50% of and ye... more lol
ONLY some of One or two years old LG Phones are selling @ 50% OFF LIMITED Promo in a VERY FEW RETAILER STORES.

you can't fool us!
even there is NO TV advertisement forLG G2 and other lg phones in philippines still lg phones sales is not bad...ITS DOING VERY GOOD! MORE& MORE MILLIONS FILIPINOS ARE NOW USING LG PHONES....

ZERO PROFIT???? lol!
that would be your an impossible dream for a giant manufacturer like lg electronics.

LGE is a giant company they can gets their profits from its different products...its impossible for them to rest in peace...

Maybe HTC yes its only relying on smartphone sales.

LGE is STILL The 3rd smartphone maker in terms of overall sales for 2013!

LG mid -ranger smartphones is doing great in every corners of the world....

G2 sales was obviously affected by early released of LG nexus 5.... but still it will be counted for lg smartphone sales...

  • bamz

report in Indonesia

1 blackberry (going down fastly in 2014)
2 samsung ^
3 sony xperia ^
4 nokia
5 iphone
6 china's phone..

How about ur country ???

Hardly surprising. Mid-range devices, I might understand, but if you're going to be neglecting your FLAGSHIPS in terms of updates, you're going to lose your customer base. And that, in turn, brings about a negative advertisement of your brand. A lot many people have abandoned LG for the same reason, just like LG abandoned them.

  • sirloin

My guess for low sales reason:
- Huawei use non Snapdragon proc. People will worry about app compatibility.
- LG because of lack of SdCard & removable battery.
- HTC because of lack of SdCard, removable battery, arrogant, and ignorant.

Huawei is better than other two, it always has SdCard & removable battery. Just use Snapdragon proc then it will sell millions.
LG & HTC need to learn the hard way, especially HTC.

  • Jayasudhan

If, this LG brand will continue the same way to in future surely they will kickout from the field as soon.
How much soon they entered in field like that fast they will go away.

So appoint me in your company as a "Development Manager"
i will provide you the trends and changes to improve the market.How you came this position early in mobile and improved you all after bought your device.