Nokia X aka Normandy pops up on Browsermark's database

28 January, 2014
Nokia X, also known as Normandy, was spotted once again, this time we found it on Browsermark's database.

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  • rohit raj

But nokia is launching this phone with 512mb of ram but all the kitkat phones is having ram of 2 to 3gb i think it is slow phone but i will buy it because it is nokia's first android phone.

well i will like you Nokia with Android

  • yegi

Julius, 29 Jan 2014No, Android and Google services are two different things. If ... moreyou're wrong. It only means, that they don't want to use native google account functionality (like e.g. Lenowo and many other manufacturers)

  • Julius

P., 29 Jan 2014Nokia X is not Google certified phone due to legal issues. To... moreNo, Android and Google services are two different things.

If Nokia isn't certified to use Android, then something very wrong is happening, and this means this phone didn't not pass the Android compatibility check. Apps for Android may not work, may crash. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy an Android phone that does not pass the Android compatibility check.

If this phone is not certified to use Google Services, however, then it's not a serious problem if you can live without gmail, Google search app, Google now etc., and the company making it available provides equivalent services for you. Not having Google Services IS NOT A FORK! Fork is only if you are not compatible with the Android APIs, not Google APIs. Android is not Google!

Also, the Google Service deals are very secret, so I don't think anyone here can safely tell why Nokia did not want to provide Google services. Remember that Samsung once made many Android phones available with Google Play Store and Play Services, but without Google Search, replacing it with Bing, and yet it passed both compatibility checks! They didn't even allow installing Google Search!

Unless something changed in the previous two or so years, having Bing as the default search engine would not make it impossible to also have Play Services and Play Store.

I guess this is just a competition issue, or maybe they actually forked Android, which is bad and sad only for Nokia!

  • Anonymous

M and M, 29 Jan 2014Android's openness is also it's greatest weakness; it means andr... moreCustomers would choose a droid with a version of android that allows them to do anything freely over the restriction laden contraption Nokia has to offer.. I for one would gladly pick up a new Samsung galaxy flagship over a well specced Nokia phone running a version of android similar to the one described in this article..

  • P.

camdir, 28 Jan 2014Why nokia x is not google certified?can anyone explain.Nokia X is not Google certified phone due to legal issues.

To access Google Play, a manufacturer must sign an agreement with Google. This agreement defines all kinds of legal restrictions and rules what manufacturer can or cannot do.

For example, manufacturer cannot maintain it's own android OS forks. He must preinstall all other Google services and applications, like Google Search, Google Drive, Google Maps. And so on.

Nokia cannot sign such agreement, because they must sell their own services Bing, HERE maps, Skydrive.

XOLICE, 29 Jan 2014No.1 apple iOS No.2 Android No.3 wp8 No.4 BB No.5 amigo No.6 bad... moreHeyyyyyyy Symbian above Bada and wat d frak is Amigo

  • Anonym

M and M, 29 Jan 2014Android's openness is also it's greatest weakness; it means andr... moreI could bother and explain how "benchmarking" the memory efficiency of an OS by the time it takes the camera module to auto-focus is just downright retarded, but I won't because I would be losing my precious time explaining how individual components inside a camera module are actually eating up that time, regardless of the OS that module is being used on. -- Not to mention that, in general, performance usually also comes at the expense of using more memory (hence more performance == less memory efficiency).

  • Anthony

Their is a an army of people wanting to buy and support a Nokia android but this phone is not the one to test the public for market analysis. To do that, and to be genuinely excited it needed to aim a little higher. Not the best, just higher specs than what you have it. I don't believe you would be that dumb to debut with a low end unit so their must be some other reason. Come on ,Nokia,so much time is passing.

Paragb, 29 Jan 2014But where is the so called smoothnes..of keeps freezing.... moreNo Kitkat should have fixed that issue of running Android on 512 mb ram it should be working very smooth

  • the_seba

No Google services my butt! I'd be surprised if a fully working stock KitKat won't land on this phone in a few months after the initial release - some developers over at XDA will make sure of it.

ddl, 29 Jan 2014iphone 4 is 4 year old.But where is the so called smoothnes..of keeps freezing..less ram to blame i guess.

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2014I guess Nokia has failed to grasp the concept of openness, somet... moreAndroid's openness is also it's greatest weakness; it means android phones need twice the RAM and CPU power to match the performance and response of WP and ios ones, it means I can take any Nokia Lumia, no matter how cheap and snap a couple of pictures before a galaxy S4 finds focus.
Openness was a good thing to make it popular, but it also means inconsistency and wasteful coding, so I guess Nokia got it pretty right, again.

Paragb, 29 Jan 2014Ios no 1 what a joke.r u iphone4 lags a lot man with ... moreiphone 4 is 4 year old.

XOLICE, 29 Jan 2014No.1 apple iOS No.2 Android No.3 wp8 No.4 BB No.5 amigo No.6 bad... moreIos no 1 what a joke.r u iphone4 lags a lot man with no battery backup compaired to my note2...ask me.

  • Anonymous

The Boy with Red Hat, 28 Jan 2014This Nokia X will use the Android base but not Googles gapps. So... moreI agree, this version of Android is deliberately stunted to prevent competition with the higher margin Windows phones. Windows phone can't run on Asha class hardware, so Nokia is using Android to inexpensively replace their S40 software platform and much of the expense of maintaining it.


No.1 apple iOS No.2 Android No.3 wp8 No.4 BB No.5 amigo No.6 bada No.7 others

MadeAndy, 28 Jan 2014Android without Google services? What a fat joke should in case ... moreAmazon Kindles have forked versions of Android too, which means its has the Amazon app store. FYI Android OS can live without Google apps.

  • Boris

I'm more worried about 512 RAM, it feels like my old Froyo phone. Should be 1GB RAM at least.

Nevertheless, relax, Nokia might just testing the water. If this a success they could release better droid with google apps.

  • Protocol

I'd rather buy a WP8 based phone than an Android phone. I have had worst experience with two Android phones.