Headline stuff week 5: Stroll down memory lane

02 February, 2014
The iPad, first steps towards dual-SIM from smartphones and the beginning of the end for feature phones.

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  • Mirnurul

I like multi sim smartphone

My first phone was Nokia N-gage QD!

Very interesting section started by the team..
Treasured history.

  • Anonymous

vladx, 02 Feb 2014Write about my first smartphone, the best-buy that was Nokia N73. :Dmy 1st mob. so like

  • AdamBoy64

6700 is pretty close to my dream phone.
It still is.

I just can't find any that are in good condition, and not chinese factory seconds.

The 6700 in Chrome is the best looking phone I've ever seen, for sure.

A very interesting edition to GSMArena!

  • The Man

Sony Ericsson W890i (brown colour). Sweet Classic.

  • vladx

Write about my first smartphone, the best-buy that was Nokia N73. :D

Can you please write about the first Communicator (Nokia 9000), the first smartphone (Ericsson R380), the first smartphone from Sony Ericsson (P800) and the Motorola A925 and Motorola A768. Thank you in advance.

  • MaxPayne123

A nice stroll down the memory lane.

Nice article GSMArena !! Keep them coming !!

Thank you for continuing the "Stroll down memory lane" series of articles. They are always very interesting.

  • r

next time write about n95 announcement, iphone 1 and htc hd2.

  • Ev0

Lovin these articles!

  • Anonymous

i had Acer DX900 back then.
it was a nice dual SIM smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Aww, the iPad is four years old this week. Loving my iPad mini.

Babsmith, 02 Feb 2014Damn .... I feel like I'm old nowSame here. I'd still buy the 6700 as a spare phone.

Damn .... I feel like I'm old now

  • Anonymous

Thank You, nice info