HTC M8 shows its face in newly leaked live photos

05 February, 2014
The Taiwanese company’s next Android flagship is expected to break cover in March.

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Stephen Bobs, 06 Feb 2014Why HTC use 5MP? Why it is so hard to put like 8MP or even 12MP... morethis is 5 megapixel with ultra pixel technology. in ultra each pixel gets light 3 - 3.5 times more.this technology make 5 mega equal to 15 or 17.5 megapixel with lower capacity in 5mega with ultra technology is very better than 15 megapixel. just hTC.

  • ElFuegoHumano

Rafe Firman, 06 Feb 2014HTC is a league of their own, producing beautiful phone next to ... moreSame here. I'm an avid htc fan since 2011. :)

  • raze

fake photo

  • alex

if you look at the 2 pictures you can see that all the distances between different rows of icons/widgets are the same when you compare the pictures, although the first one dosnt have the home and back keys on screen. Not one single distance is different between rows, the back image is not bigger, the icons and widgets are not bigger/different, yet one image has keys on screen and the other doesn't. This means that keeping proportions, phone in first picture is smaller than the phone in second picture = fake

Looks amazing. I loove my one, this will be even better, if it's true. Seems like dark silver colour, if there won't be htc logo there on the front as well it will be great. Like it that they used on screen buttons which can be swiped away. I really hope this is the real thing (even if they have already said it's not). You never know with PR.

HTC is a league of their own, producing beautiful phone next to none. Too bad their strategy won't work, with no removable battery and SD card slot, and premium pricing.
However many still pick their choose on them, infact many are diehard fans whom not willing to switch to other brands, count me into that.. Hence HTC4Life slogan!
Just hope HTC would rise again this year.

  • Bokeee

Stephen Bobs, 06 Feb 2014Why HTC use 5MP? Why it is so hard to put like 8MP or even 12MP... moreWHY??? we need bigger and better sensors,with better depth of field quality and great color tone.megapixels would not change anything,except taking more storage...

  • Anonymous

If that's ES File Explorer (second row, third icon)... They have got a version we yet have to get. I say fake.

  • Adomas

5 mp camera is more than enough for a smartphone.

  • Paul

Please have wireless charging

  • lemmy


  • Bart

This phone is beautiful! The onscreen buttons are good and necessary to keep the phone from getting too big. Because don't forget that they have to put the amazing Boomsound speakers too. HTC is the best!

Why HTC use 5MP?
Why it is so hard to put like 8MP or even 12MP camera?

  • Bebe

It is amazing!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Cant you see that the phones in these two photos
are different??

  • reza-bsr

HTC is a wonderful company.
God speed you hTc.

  • Adomas

Wow the bezels look stunning.

  • mko

yes htc it,s great
just make a goooood camera plz 8 or 10 mp
anyway i,m going to buy this

Awesome if this is true. M7 design was very good already but this leaked M8, if real, is even much better. The very first thing I wish M7 could be improved, in term of design, is to shrink the edges and it appears to be come true now. Great design. Good job HTC.

  • MG

I like the looks, and the way they make the onscreen buttons go away by swiping is commendable. Nevertheless, they should not name the phone the awkward 'HTC One 2'.
Good job, HTC. Furthemore, HTC should pls market this phone very well and make it available in as many countries as posible! Good luck to HTC.