Asus announces KitKat update schedule for the PadFone lineup

28 February, 2014
Asus PadFone 2, PadFone Infinty and PadFone Infinity 2 will be getting Android 4.4 KitKat with Zen UI.

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  • littlecrow

OMG... Q3?...
I'm infinity 2 user. Bofore they said that it will be update untill Q2. olready passed it!

  • jitesh

how to upgrade asus fonepad7 jelly bean to kit kat

  • Anonymous

yea right. Keep dreaming ASUS has said this again and again.

  • ikristiaan

Will this also be able for the Memo Pad's?

When will Asus Fonepad 7 (2013 edition) recieve the 4.4 update?
Since it is a 2013 edition phablet and that too from Asus, hopefully it gets upgraded to 4.4 Kitkat..

  • yummy

can you post or give updates for local phones?

  • hwie

A very good news! I thought, my Padfone 2 would never see Jellybean or beyond. I guess, ASUS still has plenty of Padfone 2 to sell and hence, the OS has to be updated to Kitkat to make the device more appealing.

So sad that there's no news to update the original ASUS Padfone 1

Intel based me302c got updated quietly to 4.3 early this year. 4.4 is expected soon as well. Mainly because main firmware is done by Intel and customized by manufacturers, just like with Chinese chipmakers.

All things could be good, if not a giant percent of defective GPU and defective touch controller over 30%.

So support is still bad, as they does not call for official call out for mainboard and cable replacements.

  • Shan

Just wanted to know when they will be bringing updates for Transformer Tablets. Specifically for TF201 ????

How about MeMO Pad 10(me102a) ???!!!
Asus MeMO Pad device support very bad! :-(

News of the month for me!
I was beginning to feel left out and betrayed by Asus, as my padfone 2 is still on 4.1.1.
Was considering boycotting all their products because of this(not easy).
Not exactly a cheap product not worthy of support!
Took them a while though.

  • Totoro

Last December they promised KitKat for Padfone Infinity in Q1. Now they say Q2. Can't say I like where it's going...

God so the sound we have been making for Padfone lineup had been noticed by ASUS. Hope to get the update soon. . . . .
Well, also let me thank ASUS for there support. from 4.1 to 4.4. Good news and hope they give us the fully functional 4.4 OS

Wow I was really down on Asus in the past for abandoning devices. This is excellent news.

  • mani

What about HD memo PAD

  • Sesto

Elton, 28 Feb 2014PadFone 2? Are you sure? Earlier Asus told that they stop suppor... moreRead the SOURCE !!!
It's Asus itself, that is releasing this info...

  • Elton

PadFone 2? Are you sure? Earlier Asus told that they stop supporting PadFone 2 and the latest Android it will get is 4.1.1. Jelly Bean.

  • exe

acceleratti. incredibis.