GSMArena Labs: introducing the Battery life table

28 March, 2014
We've made comparing battery lives much easier and customizable to how you use them.

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  • vaibhab

Hi, couldn't see this tools output on Fitefox for android v38.0.5 on Redmi 1S. Keep getting error that the said page doesn't exist.

I can't get to the battery life table page. It says the page isn't found. Anyone facing the same issue?

Omg, u didn't even search it up on the Internet for the information ur looking for!­hp

  • ray77

LG G2 rating seems off looking at times it achieves.

  • egis991

Lenovo p780 no.1

  • Anonymous

Would love to see web browsing on mobile data included, and / or navigating with mobile data and GPS on - since they're both common real world usage scenarios.

  • kuraky

What are the test conditions? such as,
the resolution of video, the Luma of screen, the network of voice call, the volume of the video etc.

really nice tool by GSMarena,
If only there could be a way to measure the Gamming component too, this would be perfect

  • kalle

Not Works on HTC one Firefox ir Chrome

S3 is far better than htc one and xperia z .

  • michael

vios, 29 Mar 2014Lenovo P780 is missing from your listthey intentionally removed it as it will top the charts

  • Anonymous

Spkr, 28 Mar 2014Please include other factors/ uses such as 3g/4g web browsing,ga... moreHope Gsmarena will start working on it seriously. All most all of us use phones for social networking and messaging.It is really important.

  • kamikazi

omg Gsmarena this is awesome , this is genius xD lol !

  • Anonymous

and no mention of the king Lenovo P780 with 4000mah, you dont consider it as a smartphone or what gsmarena ???!!

  • tommy

Great work Gsmarena! keep up the good work!
Really appreciate all the things you guys do!

yay, another awesome tool from gsmarena!

Thank you so much team gsmarena. For me battery life for web browsing is the most important parameter and second parameter being the display quality when choosing a phone.being a heavy user i hate charging a phone every now and then. Great stuff....i was waiting for something like your work!!

  • Mr. R Sole

Wow! This is Apple showing innovative contruction, this will destroy Samsung

Very Use full one and much awaited feature.. Must be very useful for lot of people... it would be good if we add options like Wifi on/off options. I am not sure how much it is possible to add the 4g data on/off option to this as well.

  • alexrobert

It is important also to compare the lives of each devices so that we come up with the best campanie.