BlackBerry's revenue plummets 64% as BB OS 10 struggles

28 March, 2014
Blackberry's revenue has fallen 64% due to a combination of low OS 10 adoption and sagging sales.

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  • blackberry customer

Please inform blackberry to open up land base stores again. This is imperative. It will be competitors and sales are going to increase. Take a look at twelve oaks mall in Novi Michigan. The apple store is running over with people and there products do not work that we'll. BlackBerry should surprise the U.S and open a store in that mall.

There is no problem in the phone or if the BB10 struggle...

The only problem is in the Marketing STRATEGY... i know its hard.. but with the help of their research team, they can do sales better...

I think, the problem is in the employees. Some employees has been eyed by Google and Apple..

  • Anonymous

Yeah I have to say I am disappointed in the BlackBerry pricing strategy, I see all these discounts for the Z10 in canada, USA and UK but when it comes to Hong Kong, for a Z10 (which isn't through parallel imports) you pay more than the Z30!!! I mean what the hell kind of pricing is that for a phone which is technically inferior, smaller and a year older?

Furthermore if you want to buy some of the Blackberry phones like 2 or so years old some of them cost the equivalent of a 2013-2014 flagships. Seriously have some pricing strategies that are in line with simple supply and demand (clearly this you have an oversupply of phones priced at a rate which doesn't generate demand), actually encourage consumers to buy your products the world over not just in select markets.

  • utouh

BB10.3 is near. forget wp lack of apps..

  • BB the Best

I have used IOS, Then BB & Then Android...
but Nothing like BB

  • Shaggy

First off, I'm no BB-fanboy or any other brand/OS fanboy, for that matter. It would be very sad to see BB "die off" sort of speak. The more options for the consumers the better, but in our market of supply and demand, bankruptcy is bound to happen.
With BB10 they had something new, but it didn't catch on. I think BB as a previous tech giant, are aiming to high in regards of sales(high expectations), that's partly why they have such a great loss in revenue. Be humble and start low and slowly build your market again, but failure isn't far away though. Business is taking risks and it doesn't always pay's off. They should be concentrating on emerging markets for now as I think it's profitable for them.

  • Love' s Arn

love' s arn
black berry phones better theh apple phones

i love u

  • Anonymous

open, 29 Mar 2014Time to open up the operating system and go open source there is... moreopening up of OS is not a solution

  • Anonymous

All high and mighty BB10 fanatic says its good. Then explain why BB has the lowest share in the market if compare to nokia ? BB will eventually die out if no changes made

  • Love'S Arn

blackberry phones is Better then samsung phones
Love'S Arn

  • Mr Stiff

Marin, 29 Mar 2014Why do you say Bb is very good in security ? All phones have the... moreLol! Do you call Android or iPhone a secure system? :)

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2014Most corporations have moved from using BlackBerrys to Windows P... moreloL, most corp move to WP? Can you give us any examples?

Almost no corp moved to WP, its immature and inefficient. They moved mostly to iPhone, some to Android, some stay with BB, and a very small number adopted WP (and regret it already)

droopy, 29 Mar 2014Nobody is buying blackberry phones. They are horrible. OS10 is o... moreYou clearly havent used any BB10 devices. Try first before you speak.

And by the way, you havent used Galaxy S5 either, how you know its good? You just like to have high opinions of things you dont know.

I changed from Xperia Z to BB Z10 3 days ago and have no doubt that its better than android, the only thing i miss about the Xperia Z is the Full HD, other than that the Z10 has a superior display and more efficient OS, which by the way support more than 80% of Android apps if apps is what you care most about.

  • open

Time to open up the operating system and go open source there is no future for closed thing windows have the same problems cracking up slavery is from the past

  • Anonymous

Most corporations have moved from using BlackBerrys to Windows Phone, and several to iOS. BlackBerry are doomed. They still have a chance in the software side, by making BBM more competitive against Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc. BBM app is already now on iOS, Android and soon on WP. BlackBerry, take advantage of BBM to save yourselves!

  • Marin

Otter Watt, 29 Mar 2014BB good in security, no one can doubt about it. If BB can re... moreWhy do you say Bb is very good in security ? All phones have the same level of security. Security of bb is a story from the past...

  • Steve

Venthar, 29 Mar 2014Honestly I think Blackberry should not introduce touch and type ... moreThat you say it's very true. We all can see but Mr. Chen don't.

Nobody is buying blackberry phones. They are horrible. OS10 is obsolete. Better buy a samsung s5 with android. Thats a good device

  • Venthar

Honestly I think Blackberry should not introduce touch and type phones.They must stick to produce touchscreen and keypad phones separately.My friend was very eager to buy quite expensive Q10, but when he find out it is touch and type he bought some Sony offerings.

  • Anonymous

no needed to do this kind of os