Apple iOS 7.1.1 is now seeding, brings minor improvements

22 April, 2014
The small firmware update is now available to download and install on compatible devices.

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  • Owen1981

Quincy, 25 Apr 2014does the update 7.1.1 works well? please revert. The big problem I got with it is when I updated to ios 7.1.1 I totally lost my wifi and Bluetooth both still won't work.

  • govind

after updating to 7.1.1... there start a battry pplm ... it drains very quickly . how to downgrade this softwere to 7.0.1 .... plse help...its iphone4

  • GT

Can i update the IOS 7.1.1 in iphone 4s its usable or any problem

pls suggest me.

  • iphone

IPhone 4S, 23 Apr 2014When someone call me, i cant 'slide' to answer the call. Its fro... morewhenever such thing would happen again,,, put your finger on the proximity sensor and the release your finger.. pick up the call :D

  • Ian

I'm trying to up date my iphone 4s but im getting an error ocurred updating 7.1.1 please help.

mato, 23 Apr 2014Troll. I have been using iPhone 5s since December last year and ... moreYeah that's why I hate spamsung or android now, they spammed the internet with payed trolls and Samsung had to admit this, garbage company with garbage products ...
And they cheated on benchmarks to, mother of god..

  • cyreson_uk

i am trying to update my iphone 5c howeevr im getting an error that says an error occurred in updating the
ios 7.1.1. please help

merza, 24 Apr 2014I got 7.1.1 but it's have a touch issue. Please fix it apple...... moreYes please....fix the touch issue!!!

  • Evo

Is this stable? What's the main improvement?

  • Quincy

Albert, 24 Apr 2014I just updated my iOS Software. Pretty cool and much better.does the update 7.1.1 works well?
please revert.

My 4S works smoothly after the installing the minor update from, : its not laggy anymore with my reduce transparency and reduce motion fact, i did face lots of problem whn i was using ios 7.1.0 , it works pretty well on the home screen whn i swipe down the notification task bar but its a bit laggy whn i do so in the lock screen..but now its ALL FIXED :D

  • Marutinu

i've updated my iPhone 4 to this version and i couldn't see a difference between the 7.1 to the 7.1.1 but it is getting better and better, this is im 100% sure about.

  • Albert

I just updated my iOS Software. Pretty cool and much better.

  • Otub

when downloading IOS 7.1 this message shows up
"Error occurred when downloading IOS 7.1"

mjelicious, 24 Apr 2014nice.. but we definitely don't care. :)You care enough to make a big point out of not caring, then i say you care a lot.

Show us on this doll where does it hurt the most?

  • mjelicious


but we definitely don't care. :)

  • Jasmine

Robin, 23 Apr 2014I tried to upgrade this morning but it just crashed my phone and... moreSame thing happened to me.

If you're reading this, DON'T DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE.

Livanga, 23 Apr 2014All other updates are not important, I really wish Apple will re... moreThis release fix my battery issue on iPhone 5.

Bha, 23 Apr 2014Still having battery drain issue I have iphone 5 and my battery has improved greatly!!!

  • Mat79

Robin, 23 Apr 2014I tried to upgrade this morning but it just crashed my phone and... moreSame here! And after the restore all my apps were wiped out