Counterclockwise: Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, Nokia 808 PureView

14 June, 2014
Meet the early incarnations of Apple's Maps, Siri and Health. Also, Nokia takes a dive, bets the house on WP.

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martin042068, 27 Jun 2014 There are still lots of Symbian users out there including my... moreYes.. What u said is right. I am still using my love 808 as Primary device.. Wonderful multimedia performance too.. Video and audio recording are still amazing.. No device will match it.. I have a N8 and N9 too.. Flash Delight in it, Still holds strong and powerful..

harlekkin, 16 Jun 2014Please enlighten us on where and how Symbian is still relevant. ... more There are still lots of Symbian users out there including myself. Really like Symbian for it's flexibility and versatility. You sound like someone who's never really used Symbian.
If you've ever tried some if it's more unique features it's hard to stay away from it. True multi-tasking, real file manager, no restrictions on sharing or transferring files, USB On The Go. I've used (and have) Droids, Windows, and Apples and I keep coming back to it.
My favorite multi-tasking story to tell is there have been times when driving:
-I've been talking on the phone.
-Using my Bluetooth Headset.
-Using the built in turn by turn navigation displayed actively on the screen.
-Playing my MP3 music via FM transmitter.
-Then I pulled over to text someone else and check a website.

Please note that this was all happening at the SAME TIME FLAWLESSLY. There's not a mainstream OS out there right now that can do that. Nothing "running or idle in the background. We've really left something behind leaving Symbian. I'm looking forward to Sailfish OS on a Galaxy phone soon.

pipo, 14 Jun 2014"Symbian declined steadily to its eventual extinction."... morePlease enlighten us on where and how Symbian is still relevant. I liked it for what it was, but it seriously is dead. No one wants it.

  • moon

If WP will have 99% of Symbian functions and less restrictions some people can move to this OS but not today. Even WP 8.1 is only last hurrah. Sorry but if someone use phone like Nokia N or E series, like N73,78, N95, E50, 51, e72 etc. or phones like N8 e.g. he cant use phones with Windows Phone. Not only because of average battery even in top model like 1020...omg its phone for making pics and dont have exchangeable battery and microSD card slot ?! I think Ballmer and Elop ever use good phone with Symbian and dont know why poeple move from this OS to Android. And why MS-kia dont make classic phones like E52/E72 ?

Symbian is the great OS of that time but at that time no craze of OS in public and now there is much craze of OS. guys windows phone OS is not bad and absolutely not bad after getting update of wp8.1. try once windows phone and help NoKIa to come back in market.

  • pipo

"Symbian declined steadily to its eventual extinction."

Extinction?? Symbian is NOT extinct. There's millions of Symbian users out there. Sure the bullshit propaganda neglects Symbian but it there's still some strong underground Symbian movement. They even created their own Symbian store. Let's not forget it doesn't matter what the propaganda says. The Nokia 808PV is STILL the very best camera-phone (for still photography)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2014i was planning to buy Nokia 808, but unfortunately Nokia sold it... moreI have one :P

  • Anonymous

HTC did update Desire in the end by removing some bloatware.. Something Samsung wouldn't do for S3

  • Anonymous

i was planning to buy Nokia 808, but unfortunately Nokia sold it in very limited number here and i missed the window.
and i know for sure i'm not the only one.
if only Nokia sold it in more number...

  • lol

Melih3d, 14 Jun 2014I really hated to see nokia fal behind the way it did. The more ... moreif nokia release meego back in 2007 and updating every year, nokia still can fight samsung and android today

  • lol

PraanZ, 14 Jun 2014Nokia defamed themselves with their own hands.. they shud have r... moreto me if nokia release meego back in 2007 and update this OS every year, nokia will still become king on phone.

  • shakir

My,,,dream is will be nokia is back,,,,,and leaders to mobile market,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

HTC lost me with the debacle of the HTC ONE XL going from a very good trouble free Android 4.0.4 (ICS) to Android 4.1 Jellybean, the major issue was they remove the option of USB MASS STORAGE and left users with the awful MTP/CTP USB connection mode which was just a dumb move by HTC, when you consider that Samsung still gave Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note 1 users going from ICS to Jellybean USB MASS STORAGE MODE HTC should be ashamed of themselfs , they also changed the book a oder from HBoot 1.2 to HBoot 2.4 and that left owners who wanted to switch back to ICS 4.0.4 no option, not without rooting and thus avoiding warranty to get back a useful feature that HTC decided was no longer needed and they freaking never gave advance notice they were going to make such a change, so for that HTC can kiss my backside, never will I buy their crappy mobiles again.

As for Nokia, the writing was on the wall when Samsung with there OMNIA HD which had Shmbian S60v5 was actually the better phone against the released nearly 1O months later Nokia N8 which had Symbian S^3 OS, Nokia sole their soul to Microsoft and as we now know Microsoft Mobile is alive and Nokia Mobiles are gone.

Surprised that Blackberry is still hanging in there.

  • Ano

I've used Android, BB10 and iOS but I always come back to Symbian. Now I use the Nokia 808 and it has all the features I need.

Awesome to read these counter clockwise posts! really brings back memories!! one of the best phones that i owned in the past was definitely the SonyEricson K810i in 2008. it had such an amazing camera, although only 3.2mp, it was perfect and had a really effective xenon flash,did panoramic, had camera hardware button and was just really impressive for the Time!

Nokia defamed themselves with their own hands.. they shud have realized way long back that days of Symbian are over & they shud move on.. If they wud have embraced Android back then. It wud have been a Nokia instead of a Samsung in my hands !!

  • asdfgh

I wish just the technology had increased as the time went on, not the dimensions.

  • Anonymous

MdN8, 14 Jun 2014Still using the N8 and it does all I need. And yes, I tried Andr... morei'm considering either N8/E7/X7 to replace my Galaxy Y

  • Anonymous

Melih3d, 14 Jun 2014I really hated to see nokia fal behind the way it did. The more ... moreand i hated to see the nokia brand will disappear soon!

  • Allenia4jd

The best thing that has happened to Nokia was Joining Windows Phone. Nokia has done very well, Symbian almost killed Nokia. Thank God they are back!