HTC to show a new handset on 24 June in London

03 June, 2009
It's HTC turn to reserve a date in your calendars. They've just made it clear that their next big phone announcement will take place at a London event that's to be held on 24 June. How's that for a piece...

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HTC in the TOP with their HQ devices and the OS they use..
BTW i think that will be the first device with "Android OS" that not under any network like HTC magic for Vodofone and G1 for T-mobile..
So it will B ahero if it is Available to the colloquial Without any monopoly on any network..

  • Anonymous

HTC handset is always expensive

  • Midas

I found out the following handsets will be on display:

HTC Hero - an Android OS handset with no querty keyboard but looks like the Google G1. Plus a few other Android handsets.

HTC Firestone - successor to the HTC Touch HD but with an 8mp camera, 3.6 inch display, Windows Mobile 6.5 and a 600MHz processor.

HTC Thoth - another high end handset but has a detachable keyboard. This is the successor to the HTC Athena.

HTC Whitestone W - a low end phone focussed on entertainment and powered by Windows Mobile.

HTC Twin - supports American CDMA and GSM but is also a low end phone, Windows Mobile powered.

They may also be revealing their first netbooks and word is that they may have GPS and 3G but this isn't confirmed at the moment.

Hope this is relevant information!

  • Rabinder

Man..the boot up is so slow!!

  • Richard

The video of android os updated is very nice. I wonder how the Hero will look like.

  • AWWW

i cant view videos on the web here at tmo tier 3. post screens pleesh?

  • Anonymous

Seb Mason, 03 Jun 2009Hope it's Android based, I hate WinMo... Untill Winmo7 comes ou... moreThe announcement said it's Android with a special HTC customization to it. I wonder how this phone will turn out? So far I'm waiting for the Samsung I7500 despite it lacking a trackball.

  • andrew

Htc are most probably going to release an android phone with the rose built-"THATS WHY THE ROSE IN THE POSTER"

  • Anonymous

1st great interface

  • Anonymous

You can always tell when a new iphone is coming by the other companies panicking and bringing out a whole lot of "high end phones." Be interesting to see what comes about, always good competition aint it

  • lockin

Samsung Omnia HD is already on the market from 20th of May.

  • Seb Mason

Hope it's Android based, I hate WinMo...
Untill Winmo7 comes out anyway...

  • Yigal

MS Project Pink related phone maybe? basically a ZunePhone

  • san

[deleted post]you are right...dear friend

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]you know nothing NOKIA has no concurent

  • hk

haha looks like this month we will be spoiled with options as far as mobile phones go... now nokia come on u got some catching up to do

  • Anonymous

HTC,,,,,,,awsum phone