Nokia 108 Dual SIM

Nokia 108 Dual SIM

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  • Josef

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-05-22 17:08 from 3Je$ - click to readIt's not a 3g phone.

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  • 2015-05-28 20:17
  • 3SHM
  • Anonymous

Anyone know if you can use this on the network 3? (Uk phone)? Thanks,

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  • 2015-05-26 23:05
  • 3JHD
  • Anonymous

Can you use the network 3 on this phone?

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  • 2015-05-25 22:12
  • 0BrE
  • DB

Had this phone for 5 months, then i gave it to my mother and bought one for me since i needed internet acess. It was great for the price, 4-5 days of battery,bluetooth, camera (vga), flashlight, various alarms and good sound (not amazing), you can even put a microSD card full of songs and listen to it or enjoy the radio instead. Now the cons, it doesn't have a browser or facebook, NO threaded sms view (so awfull), back case can be open too easily (if you drop it to the floor it will probably open and the battery will fall), it is scratched very easily!! No possibility of playing songs by folder or playlist (i think) Overall, it is not bad for the price but i wouldn't mind paying more for something with internet acess, treaded sms view and more robust

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  • 2015-05-25 15:20
  • HBf1
  • Arsal Nisar

It's a must have phone - Dual sim -Flash light -Mp3 player -mp4player -calendar -fake-calls -converter -slim body -Bluetooth (share and send videos to each other) -favourites -alarm -task manager (5-tasks-in-8-mins) -16 hrs long battery -smart camera -memory card (supports up to 32 gb)

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  • 2015-05-25 10:50
  • upqx
  • Anonymous

I can play songs on my nokia 108 and also see videos I have a 4gb card but when the video is more than 8 mins it starts to stuck.When my friends. Bluetooth me videos they work but not high quality or hd

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  • 2015-05-25 10:40
  • upqx
  • nokia 108

Why the telephone don't recognize my memory card? Can you help me, please?

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  • 2015-05-24 13:11
  • 0UXr
  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me whether an unlocked version (UK) will be able to use the network 3? Is it a 3g phone? Thanks,

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  • 2015-05-22 17:08
  • 3Je$
  • X-Boy

Does it have any Games?

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  • 2015-05-22 12:36
  • spqy
  • Rb

Just purchased this phone, no instructions as to how to download songs onto it, could someone help,please Thanks

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  • 2015-05-14 15:30
  • 2Gnv
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Sayan Bhar @ 2015-04-11 11:04 from t1$C - click to readIn my mobile missed call not shown in screen. Every time i unlock my keypad to check missed call. Please tell me the settings, missed call shown in screen while keypad is locked

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  • 2015-05-09 08:06
  • t}Vm
  • Anonymous

I have used this phone for over a year now and the only problem I had was that I can turn off the shutter sound on the camera even on silent mode. But since I'm not really using it for that purpose, I'm really satisfied with this phone.

I only needed to charge this phone ONCE a WEEK. It's dual sim and there's no lag on the interface. The led flashlight is also handy although it lacks power and is tinged slightly blue/violet.

Now that I will need to switch back to a smartphone because of work, I decided to buy a zenfone 2 (550ML model). Another cheap but practical alternative :)

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  • 2015-05-02 17:31
  • t75S
  • subrat

This is worst phone of my entire life. My 2000 rupees go on hell.It is a very weak phone.I bought it 1yrs ago and today its condition is miserable.screen is breaked,torch is dead,body is totaly craked,kepad is removed from its place,camera is dead,speaker is dead.It is just a scrap.225 is much better than it.

Friends dont buy this scrap phone.
Stay away from Nokia108

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  • 2015-05-01 12:48
  • rK4Z
  • subrat

Worst phone in my entire life.My 2000rupee go on hell. This is a very weak phone,i had bought it 1 yrs ago and today its condition miserable. screen is broken,torch is dead ,body get craked,keypad removed from its place.this phone is a scrap.225 is much better

Dont buy this phone. stay away from108

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  • 2015-05-01 11:26
  • KAeN
  • Yari71

> In reply to Squeakybrain @ 2015-04-23 23:13 from nHS6 - click to readSqueakybrain, given link not working...

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  • 2015-04-27 17:52
  • nmPm
  • Anonymous

I live in Spain and have just bought a 108 but the instructions are in a variety of languages none of them being English.Can you tell me how I can get the instructions in English.

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  • 2015-04-18 17:16
  • akit
  • xee

Its a must have phone.
Dual sim stand by
Fast with zero lag
Support memory card.

I have note 4 and use this fone as a secondary and its battery lasts for more than 2 days with moderate use

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  • 2015-04-12 12:29
  • 6PBs
  • Sayan Bhar

> In reply to vio @ 2015-04-10 19:27 from X}fs - click to readHey it is very good mobile and what is the problem on your mobile tell me .

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  • 2015-04-11 11:04
  • t1$C