Nokia 111

Nokia 111

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  • Lolly

Mbo, 01 Jul 2014Let nokia 111 have whatsappI realy love tht my phone could have whatsapp why dont you install whatsapp in Nokia 111.

  • Mbo

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2014i love whatsapp.but why my nokia can not use it?please set it as... moreLet nokia 111 have whatsapp

  • Anonymous

i love whatsapp.but why my nokia can not use it?please set it as the whatsapp model/device

  • Babukie

noenoes, 08 Mar 2014Want tu knw if nokia 111 can whtz upFrom nokia i can receive messages on whatsapp but i can't log in/sign in to reply it says java.lang.iligalstate so what must i do to make it log in

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2014does nokia 111 download whatsapp?Does Nokia 111 download whatsapp

  • Anonymous

izaakiel, 01 Jun 2014why these devices can download whatsapp?does nokia 111 download whatsapp?

  • izaakiel

vicky, 17 Nov 2013nokia-110 is so good phon,,,all features run proper this phon,,,... morewhy these devices can download whatsapp?

  • sue

please tell me why I cant receive mms's. very angry

  • jason

shaag, 27 Apr 2014is this support youtube?yes it does support youtube!!
it supports youtube, vuclip AND subscription whatsapp!
R7 every 24hours!!
hope i helped!!

  • stingerbug

on specs, mine has 18mb for storage and also supports MP3, its a nice phone, bt if only it could support Whatsapp and read PDF. files, there would be no need of another phone...

  • shaag

is this support youtube?

  • Nonhlanhla

THULI, 27 Mar 2014we need whatsapp in nokia 111,please do somethingThis nokia is much but to mo advance need whatapp if you can we will apretiate thanks for time


we need whatsapp in nokia 111,please do something

  • Sir Joe Bravo

why Nokia 111 can not support whatsapp? Do something about it and it is disturbing us

  • noenoes

donald, 01 Jan 2014I want my nokia 111 to download whatsappWant tu knw if nokia 111 can whtz up

  • Anonymous

why can't I download whatsApp to my nokia 111

  • Anonymous

Boliki, 04 Jan 2014Why can't i download whatsapp on nokia 111Yoh i ddnt no if t dzot support watsup

  • Anonymous

Buying this phone Was c very big mistake i have ever made ... Please do not waist money on buying this phone ... No whatsapp , only 10 Mb internal memory and it works very slow ... Do not buy this phone please ...

  • Syanda

My Nokia 111 has no network is say Sim ragistration failed it seems like it blacklisted plz can you turn it online my serial number is 351972059195060

  • Captain

TP, 22 Nov 2013does whatsapp work on this phone?Can nokia111 support whatsapp?