Nokia 2720 fold

Nokia 2720 fold

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I have this phone and i love it i played a lot of game and a oni wallpaper on it which i make one custom by the way it a cool phone i love nokia

I got one. Got it as part of a package with other mobiles (cell). It won't take my Telstra sim card, so I have no use for it. Do you still need one ?

I have had this phone forever..... my dog ate it a few times and although it's held together with medical tape and two elastic bands, the damn thing just keeps on working! lol I'm in Canada and would love to buy another one but can't seem to find one other than one in the U.S. and those all have to be unlocked or whatever. Also, I really want to get some photo's off here. I have some of my mom who recently passed away. They were taken a couple of years back before I realized I had no way to get them off the phone! According to my phone server you can't! Makes no sense, why be able to take a photo if you can't get it off the damn phone? It did not come with a usb cable or anything like that that I remember. Can someone help please?

  • clasic

i lost my nokia 2720 how to track my phone can any body tell me i miss my phone

I haven't use my 2720 for a while and completely forgot the unlock code I set. How do I hard unlock the phone now?

  • murli

hardeep, 29 Sep 2012iwant order this mobile phone, is that possible. let me know pl... moreYes u can buy i have new one

  • Anonymous

peterglenn, 01 Aug 2014Had the phone approx. 2yrs. But now even with a new battery the ... moreI think Nokia build something into their phones, they all seem to have a shorter battery life as they get older. Shame because they are really good, easy to use phones, with menues designed by a European mind that make sense to Europeans, but what use is a phone that should have 320hrs standby that only lasts for 48 hours?

  • peterglenn

Had the phone approx. 2yrs. But now even with a new battery the charge only lasts approx. one day. Is the only answer to get a new, maybe different phone?

  • Anonymous

salvegable sercetbord after being run over by a car

  • Drael

Ive had this phone for several years. Its a shame they don't make many flip phones anymore. This has maps, web browser, email, music playing. If it had a better screen, GPS, expandable memory and was lighter/slightly smaller it would be perfect (also a better typing autocorrect style). If I want to browse or play games, I'll use a tablet. For a phone, this is next to perfect, just needs to be slightly lighter for pocketability. I am not so addicted to facebook that I need to walk around checking it. Plus, this sits idle for 12 days, and dials when you start hitting buttons. Try that with a smartphone, lol.

  • Transporter

I have had this phone for several years now, my first Nokia actually, and I must say I am very pleased with it, it has been very reliable, and served my needs well. I have to admit I am quite partial to flip phones. This ones small size, awesome battery life between charges, and operation in areas other peoples phones have failed to work has been very pleasing. So much so it has made me keep putting an up grade off. Please note I started long ago with a Motorola "Brick" phone, and damn that was expensive, to acquire and to run. In those days you always carried a spare charged battery.


Subhodip bhattacharj, 21 Nov 2012The phone unlock code is 12345 but i dont know the sim or PUK l... moreTo get PUK & SIM Unlock code contact with your service provider

  • james

The hanset has nice shape nice model
light cell

  • Subhodip bhattacharj

The phone unlock code is 12345
but i dont know the sim or PUK lock code.
...........Thank you

  • akdpse - Sri Lanka

notnice, 10 Sep 2012can anyone help me unlock my 2720.code please..Go to net download and install Nokia (in terms with specified version )2720. Use USB data cable pl.

Usually NO one giving correct unlock code.

  • hardeep

iwant order this mobile phone, is that possible.
let me know please bcoz its really good phone and also easy for me. my email adress is pls answer me.
thanku very much

  • notnice

can anyone help me unlock my 2720.code please..

  • laleybe

hey guys...can anyone HELP me...i can not listen to my voicemails, because I live in spain ...the language is in spanish (I do not speak it) so do not know which buttons to press to listen to voicemail...or has anyone got any idea of how to get the instructions in english...cheers peeps

  • lalybe

I have had this Nokia 2720 for about 2 years and can not listen to my voice mail...(I must tell you that I live in spain and the instructions are in spanish...can anyone tell me what numbers I have to press to listen to my messages, or how do I get the instuctions in english ??

  • Anonymous

okay, 03 Sep 2010when i put this phone to my ear i can hear someone talking..what... moreThat's called making or receiving a phone call. People talk in the bottom and you hear them in the top.