Nokia 3250 review: Rubik's phone

Michal Sedlák, 05 April 2006.

Excellent organizer and internet application

As you can see, Nokia 3250 is pretty similar to all other devices of the Series 60. The new 9.1 version of the Symbian OS brings very few modifications. The calendar, the task organizer and the notes applications have not undergone any changes. Nokia 3250's equipment also includes a calculator, measure converter and a clock. Nokia 3250's alarm clock is not repeated. Unlike previous models of the same manufacturer, however, Nokia 3250 does not feature the standard Wallet function anymore.

Organizer • month view of the calendar • week view • entering a new event • day view

Notes • calculator

Nokia opens WAP and internet HTML and XHTML pages using a browser of it own in several sequent models now. No change in Nokia 3250. No matter how simple the program pretends to be, it offers all basic browser options; for example, proper page display, support of simpler java scripts, and transferred data counter.

Built-in internet browser

Data are transferred through Bluetooth (built-in the phone) or through a USB cable (enclosed in the delivery pack). Nokia 3250 supports USB Mass Storage which makes transfers smooth and easy. The phone does not offer infrared port. In fact, it has been some time already since Nokia stopped implementing infrared port in its smartphones.

Options for internet connection

If you do not make do with closed space, make use of Nokia 3250's mobile data transfers backed up by GPRS Class 10 and EDGE - also Class 10. Besides the handset itself, in the delivery pack you will also find an installation CD with a manual of Nokia 3250's features, as well as the PC Suite program, whose up-to-date version is available free on the Nokia website. PC Suite offers:

  • Data back-up
  • Synchronization of phonebook, calendar, task manager and notes
  • File manager providing access to phone's memory from PC
  • Tools for application downloads from PC into the phone
  • Program for work with music and music files transfers
  • Creates wallpapers and other pictures for mobile phones
  • Multimedia files player
  • Program for picture downloads onto computer's hard-drive
  • Simpler settings for internet connection

Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250
Manual on the CD delivered with the phone • Nokia PC Suite


Nokia 3250's main, but still indirect competitor is Sony Ericsson W800 (read the following detailed review). The real fight will start once the expected Sony Ericsson W950 hits the market. Sony Ericsson maintains its leading position in terms of sound, reproduction quality, earphones quality, and music player options. What's more, W800's memory card has 4 times bigger capacity than the one of Nokia 3250, and its Memory Stick Pro Duo format is more extensive than Nokia's microSD.

Sony Ericsson W800i Sony Ericsson W950i

I admit I am impressed by Nokia 3250's good construction, by the excellent elaboration of its body, by its pretty colors and high-class keypad. The phone is extremely fast in Java and offers all advantages a Symbian OS can provide - an endless phonebook, brilliant time organizing functions, work with messages and emails etc. Nokia 3250 has one of the best cameras among same-resolution phones too.

Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250
Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250

If I was to decide whether to get myself Nokia 3250, I would not really mind the absence of infrared port, nor the missing camera macro mode. The problem I see in Nokia's new smartphone is the incompatibility of its programs with current Symbian applications. And what about waiting for a little while? It will not take long before Nokia launches its new N91 model. It will definitely be more expensive, but will also be full of brilliant music functions. The third option is the above mentioned Sony Ericsson W950.

Standard pack content:

  • Handset
  • Earphones HS-20
  • Earphones extensions of various size
  • MicroSD memory card of 128 MB capacity
  • Memory card adapted to SD
  • Remote control on a cable with 3.5 mm jack connector
  • USB cable
  • Charger with small connector
  • Charge adapter small connector/big connector
  • Installation CD
  • Manual book

Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250
Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250 Nokia 3250
Content of Nokia 3250's original delivery box

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