Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Anonymous


  • Randy

Same old box from Nokia....same style...higher price!!!

  • hi

I hate all nokia´s mobiles

  • dr o.a

nokia ,
come to nigeria and capture the market quickly

  • RobVanDam

Great phone !!! Price in Singapore ???

  • marwan

ho matc is dis mobil 6610

  • ead

the greatest mobile that i've ever seen

  • Peter

Is there czech language ? (Czech Republic)

  • Erik

I love it about Nokia 6610 and about the model :-) with full color, so i want to know when that Nokia 6610 will avaliable in Indonesia i means at when?

best regards,

  • Benno

The best thing you can lay your hands on!!

  • Anonymous

Good phone? When is it comming out????

  • oxygen

THIS is my next phone! who cares about bluetooth and a camera... this phone rocks!

  • miaosim

why all the phone never having the price?
cause can having a budgetary to buy a new phone when it launch. (malaysian)

  • Steffen

I don't wanne know how much it will cost.
Too much I think

  • phornphan

I want to know how much it cost......

  • ajay jain

tell me more about it

  • John John

I cannot believe how slow the software running on the screen is. It takes years to update the display.

  • Fucking Gamer

Nice Set Wanna Buy IT I likeits colur display

  • shaik

classy sexy

  • ariffin

what is the price and where i find it.