Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Coki

nggak ada bluetooth tuh

  • A.

I want to know how much it cost......

  • Anonymous

how much and when is it comming out???

  • Ryan

the release date is around october/november. There is no bluetooth in the phone. The phone can be used in any country. Its a brilliant phone, nokia's best yet. I shold know, i work for Nokia customer services and got my product training last week!!!

  • prompong hiruntanaki


  • andreas eliades

please anybody can tell me what will be his choice between nokia6610 and panasonic GD67

  • Anonymous

a phone for gay

  • andreas eliades

please when this phone willbe release in europe

  • Funthomas

Nokia color too

  • Hogan

I agree, this phone is like the 3210, which is the perfect size phone, cept the 6610 is almost half the weight, and w/ color screen and g3 technologie... how badass!!!

  • antonio

Anyone have an idea when this phone will be available in the philippines? Would appreciate a reply. thanks ;-)

  • Anthony

will i be able to use this in the U.S. for a cingular account?

  • nikolai

this is the best cell phone that has ever been made i like it no i love it

  • ahekamj

its too good.

  • Sony Ericsson VS. No

-Where hell is Bluetooth,this phone-model???. =/

  • Kingkong

If i want a this mobile use in Thailand
your thinks it'll have problem?
Because in Thailand have not sale Nokia 6610 but I want it.

  • Mr.A

Thanks Socrates


sorry guys to disapoint you but this phone will be out in the market in DECEMBER,this info comes from a nokiaservice point!

  • Mr.A

How about its price in Finland or Sweden?
Could somebody reply me please. Thanks

  • alex.

the best phone in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!