Nokia 801T

Nokia 801T

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  • raju

what nokia thinking of.............this much of slow processor iam using c7 of same processor some what slow for some applications nokia shares had gone to beneath of earth

  • lug

satsu, 18 Jun 2012cud anyone plz suggest me to buy best nokia mobile phone you wanted to buy nokia lumia 610

  • Welcome back Nokia!!

This is a relative of Lumia 800 but with better system and better ossibilities. I think it can be really nice in everyday use. And not as stupid as Lumias are. Symbian is more comfortable and more elastic, just fits me better. And frankly I miss good Nokias with Symbian. I suppose mobiles with window are for crysis makers, but not for common people.

  • Anonymous

i need this type of handset. i hope that type of handset will be relised as soon as possible.
thank you

  • Anonymous

satsu, 18 Jun 2012cud anyone plz suggest me to buy best nokia mobile phone buy Nokia5110.

  • Anonymous

this phone is a complete waste of funds. What is this? A Nokia techno? Such low processing power and dumb share! I love my 701!

  • Anonymous

plese relese this phone in india

  • satsu

cud anyone plz suggest me to buy best nokia mobile phone

  • mmxii

No, Nokia's main office is in Espoo...

  • nasir

Hi iam try many divices like samsung and apple nokia symbian now i try android device last one yeare but my 5th year exprians nokia is a best brand very onest lots of apps in market and fast sreaming cool and asey to conect with pc i challengh with nokia phone it is the best with low price in the world

why again anna????????????????

why again anna????????????????

  • m v nair

why again annna???????????????????????????????????????????­

is dat a nokia?? dont think so

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Just a FYI, Nokia is not a Chinese company. It is a Finnish Company. Main office is in Helsinki.


Surya, 23 Jan 2012Which one is better c7 r Nokia 801T?C7 is beta off to 801T

  • muhrash

Is not like S60v3,i will never forget N-gage games nor Emulator games.
To me S60v3 with Alpha numeric keypad phone is the best.

  • gstar

nokia is losing its status....

  • Wise

nicky, 03 Mar 2012this is worst company is rs 30000 it doesnt ... moreNokia makes better phones than dumb samsung. Samsung has poor screen and camera with poor built qualities. Whatever sam. has gained today coz of Android OS other wise it is dumb copy of Apple phones! And android sucks too.

Nokia and windows rocks no more symbian