Nokia Asha 503

Nokia Asha 503

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  • Emmanuel

This phone is perfect.. I guess it does better for me plus am a fun of nokia

  • X.o.X

how is this phone? I was thinking if im gonna buy this phone, Is it responding smoothly? does it hang a lot? Tell me. thank you

  • Zibaisunday

I'm using Nokia Asha 500.

is playing USD Card. Please tell me what to do

  • selden

I ve got a problem with my phone it doesnt show icons like settings,phonebook,dialed no,camera whatsap,call settings etc pls help.i'm just receiving calls only i cant do anything

  • Mando

My phone lot it's phone book page,setting,whatapp gallery ,music and pictures

  • Kiriggwajjo Lawrence

I can't send pictures,why

  • mostafa

Hello. Phone update? 14.0.4? Is a new version of the Nokia 503?

  • Ntha

My phone doesn't show phonebook,keypad,settings

  • expert

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2015I have a problem the phone can't connect to the internet and als... morePower on the phone.
Hard Reset NOKIA Asha 503
Next tap this code: *#7370#
Accept information on your screen -> press OK.
Now your phone will reset and reboots.

  • Killerbee

ashutosh das, 16 Jan 2016how to on led light as a torch light.We can Download apps everything want

  • sundusin wa istabrok

syed ibu, 14 Nov 2015what to if nokia asha 503 is lost?buy a new one

  • ashutosh das

how to on led light as a torch light.

  • Awais

How to on it led light

  • Anonymous

I have a problem the phone can't connect to the internet and also fail to download the whatsApp application can you please advise me on what to do next. It keeps on saying check connection but I have done that and I can't seem to find a solution.

  • syed ibu

what to if nokia asha 503 is lost?

  • Ben 11

Too slow when using whatsapp . I can't create mail account always a pop up txt saying check internet connection but my data plan is very very active. But voice and hearing are very clear . Good battery too. I can't use it as my will, please can somebody tell me WHY HOW and SO


Basically this phone doesn't even meet the standards of a normal phone.This is a fine example to show how wrecked the whole company doesn't have any useful apps except a handful and even those doesn't function properly till we pull our brains out!. nothing has tested my patience like this phone and to all those who wish to buy it , i have to say a big NO! the worst part is at a crucial time the phone freezes making us helpless and be ungrateful to all the past Nokia phones (good ones). Never buy this phone.

  • Thobie mpumelelo jam

Whats realy happening with nokia asha 503 no settings no call register no contacts n etc

  • Sqwayi

I can't write my status on my whatsapp my cellphone need me chat sarver but i don't have it in my cellphone. Can you please help me to solve problame.

  • Anonymous

Skhebo, 11 Oct 2015my phone freezes, can help on how i can resolve the problemVery bad no apps open what s a pity!!!