Nokia E60 review: Strictly business

GSMArena team, 26 May 2006.

Wavy style

Nokia E60 has a very well elaborated keypad with nice, easy to distinguish buttons. They are made out of some soft plastic and can be pressed without any problems. An interesting observation of the keypad is that the buttons are located in different heights and are positioned in such manner elaborated in different ovals and angles that they look like a wave combination when looked at from aside.

The navigation joystick of the phone is very good. It is small and stands low but is very functional. The confirmation press on its center cannot be mistaken easily and thus making navigation of the phone seamless. The alphanumeric keys are big enough to be pressed without any effort and small enough to be distinguished easily in the dark. The white lights surrounding the joystick and between the three columns of alphanumeric keys are very spectacular when in dark. They glow with a very decent white light, assisting the main backlighting. So, the backlighting of the keypad is fabulous.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Keypad backlighting

16 million ways to success

The 16 million colors TFT display of Nokia E60 is just incredible. The 352 x 416 pixels resolution makes it look great. Out of curiosity we compared it with 21 Samsung 214T desktop LCD high-end monitor with 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. The colors of the two devices look exactly the same, but the phone display fits 9 times more pixels on the same surface. Of course, it looks much finer.

The display is very big and thus offers the users a better use of the phone. 35 x 41 mm are very impressive dimensions for a bar phone display. The backlighting of the display is also very good. It glows evenly in the dark and every part of the display is perfectly illuminated.

Nokia E60
Display backlighting

Nokia E60 has active stand-by display such as Nokia N80, with the same six applications row and the events list below it. The phone displays the network signal strength, battery status, date and time, operator name and the labels of the applications assigned to the soft keys. It also displays the active connections, Bluetooth, Infrared or Wi-Fi.

Nokia E60
Active stand-by display

No mistakes

The main speaker of the phone offers clear and loud sound during calls. So does the loudspeaker. It is powerful enough to be heard even in crowded place or when stuck in a deep pocket. The vibration is normal and can be felt in almost every occasion. When somebody calls you, the phone displays the caller name and picture. E60 can also display the picture of the phone (home, work, other) if it is in your phonebook.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Dexter calling Dialing a number

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