Nokia E60 review: Strictly business

GSMArena team, 26 May 2006.


Nokia E60 runs on Symbian 9.1 OS and is based on 3rd edition Series 60. So is Nokia N80 which we reviewed not long ago. In this review we will use some of the material we used for the N80 review as they have the same user interface.

The main menu of the phone is made of a 3 x 4 matrix grid but can be switched to a list view or can be turned into a 4 x 3 matrix using the Rotate option. This feature rotates the phone in horizontal mode. This feature can be very useful in the web browser and office applications when you will need more space to display more things. Some sub-menus can also be viewed in grid view but there are some that are in list view only.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Main menu • rotated main menu • rotated active stand-by display

There is a Voice aid application which pronounces everything you do when started. I myself cannot see the need of such application unless you are driving a car and you need to do dial a number or something. Besides, Voice aid is available only in several menus, not in the whole phone.

Nokia E60
Voice aid disabled

E60 runs very quickly for a smartphone. There aren’t any major delays in the work speed in any application even when using the memory card. The RS-DV-MMC memory card support is useful for extending the 64 MB shared internal memory.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Tools sub-menu • Profiles/Switch Off menu

Sky’s the limit

The phonebook of Nokia E60 knows no limits as it uses the shared memory. You can add as much contacts as free memory you have. It offers an endless list of fields to assign for every contact. First and last name, job, home and work address, several different phone numbers, email addresses, web sites, etc.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Phonebook • rotated phonebook • assigning different fields

You can order the phonebook list either by first or last name. Search in the phonebook is performed by gradual typing of the desired contact’s name. As all Symbian phones, E60 phonebook can be synchronized with PC very easy. The PC Suite can export you contacts in several format types, including the most popular Lotus and Outlook formats.

Nokia E60
Contact view

Who, when and for how long

Nokia E60 has a very good call records log. It is used for the data transfers and connections too. It has 30 records capacity and can show all recent calls made with the phone. The phone calls log is divided in three tabs: Dialed, Received and Missed calls. The connections are logged with the phone calls. General information about the duration of the connection and data transferred is stored.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Missed calls pop-up message • Missed calls tab • Dialed numbers tab • Log • Record information

Try the email

The messaging menu of the phone is not at all different from any other Nokia Symbian phone. It has an Inbox for all incoming messages except emails and asks you for the type of message you want to create when you initiate the editor. The SMS editor is the same as in previous models and shows a character counter with a digit for the amount of messages that will be sent. T9 dictionary is available to assist, of course. The editor displays up to 6 lines en bloc.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Messaging menu • Inbox • Reading SMS • Writing SMS

The email tab of the messaging is the most interesting. Nokia E60 supports multiple accounts and uses POP3 and IMAP protocols. The phone displays 10 emails in the Inbox list. It also manages attachments seamlessly. The email client is either a new one or at least it has been redesigned.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Email inbox • Reading email • Viewing attachment • Writing email

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