Nokia E60 review: Strictly business

GSMArena team, 26 May 2006.

Office organizer

More than everything Nokia E60 is a business phone. That's why it offers great office features. It has Word, Excel and PowerPoint editors which work very well. You can zoom in and out in the file, jump to other page or edit the content. You can also create new files. These Office applications are much better, compared to those in Nokia N80, which could only read office documents but couldn't edit them.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Office sub-menu view and edit of Word and Excel files

E60 features a dual clock. You can set two different times and dates in two time zones. The Calendar has Month, Week and Day view. You can assign Meeting, Anniversary, Memo and To-do tasks in the Calendar. You can also put alarms on those assignments.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Month Week Day view of the calendar

There are also the Notes, Converter, Calculator and Recorder applications in the Organizer menu. The Converter converts Currencies, Area, Energy, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity and Volume. The calculator is very simple and easy to use. Regrettably, the Recorder has a one minute limit for voice records. This seems quite illogical since the phone has such powerful features, enough internal memory and a memory card slot.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Calculator Recorder

Strictly business

Nokia E60 has some preinstalled applications which can serve well if you need them. The Positions, Navigator and Landmarks applications are meant for an external GPS device. You can connect to the GPS receiver via Bluetooth and then connect to the satellite for incoming data. There is an option for determining your position through the network, if it supports such feature, of course. You can use those applications to pin-point locations you wish to save for further use and acknowledgement.

Nokia E60
GPS connection methods

Another application is the HP printers one. It is for managing seamless connections with HP printers vie Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB. The phone also supports Internet telephony and you can connect to such provider and use the lower tax rates of VoIP technology.

Nokia E60 Nokia E60
Printers Printer information

The test E60 we had didn't have any preinstalled games, so we cannot tell you anything about the Golf Tour game announced by Nokia which is supposed to come preinstalled on E60.

If you need not to have camera

If for some reason you are keen on a business phone without a camera, there's no doubt that Nokia E60 is the best possible choice for you. With such a rich set of features as Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, Bluetooth and Infrared and with the great display, Nokia E60 seems the best business solution on the market. And the fast interface response makes it even more desired for the users.

Undoubtedly, the lack of camera and FM radio makes the phone less attractive but if you don't demand those extras and want to focus on business tools, Nokia E60 has just the right thing to offer you at a reasonable price.

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