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Nokia E60

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  • Anonymous

amrudh, 28 Jul 2015still using it for past 1 year only app instal problemfrom where can i have its 'pc suite' ? please guide.

still using it for past 1 year
only app instal problem

  • User123

vickey, 16 Sep 2012hi dear i hve nokia e 60 & i have a issue on it tht is whn ... moreFirst of all, you need to configure wifi router to broadcast a 802.11i/e/g standard rate that Nokia E60 supports, try disabling the 802.11n mode completely by selecting a 802.11b/g mode (if available) or 802.11g. Then, ensure that your router is not set to operate in 20/40MHz mode (set it to 20MHz only). You should probably also check that you're running latest firmware version on your wireless router.

  • Rlee

Riniel, 02 Oct 2007although im a music person the e60 realy impressed me with some ... moreMy
is just fine but i need to update the can i get?

  • vickey

hi dear i hve nokia e 60 & i have a issue on it tht is whn i used it through the wifi its still resting & didnt open a file wia wifi whenevr i checked all connection settings & correction them
iz any one tell me wt is the problem & y didnt load any page except google thnx plz help me regards vickey

  • yas

pls any body can give information to repair lcd of my NOKIA E60

  • Anonymous

good mobile to use and fast

  • sharaf

Nabeel Abdul Razak, 06 Apr 2010simply "THE GREAT PHONE".......... last three and hal... moreI have One Its Display Gone

  • Anonymous

Nabeel Abdul Razak, 06 Apr 2010simply "THE GREAT PHONE".......... last three and hal... moreI've finally found a phone that is good enough to replace my Nokia E60.
HTC Legend

  • Nabeel Abdul Razak

simply "THE GREAT PHONE"..........
last three and half years i am living with this "NOKIA GADGET".........
still i am searching for a phone that match up with it..........
if anyone want to sell their E60...mail me
i love this phone..........
even if i got a billion dollar .......i 'll stick 'th the same............

  • Raza

I had two
killing me always when i saw them
i used to spend nights over one of them to hack it
at last hacked
the perfection...hats off e90...and 3rd e60
blindly go for them even u get a chance to buy in worst condition
it will last till u die...heheheh
e60 rocks....
np if no best phone ever...

  • alexandar

how many memory can be ued on e60

  • Yamin khan

I need the latest version of E60

  • Anonymous

It would great if Nokia created a phone that is based on the E60 but in addition it will open up with an additional larger screen and qwerty keyboard inside.

Just couldn't find another phone that is as beautifully/well made as the E60.

  • gabriel

for themes and apps installation problem,go to your application manager,press option,settings n change it to accept signed and unsigned.Its da best phone

  • Khan

Iam unable to download 3gp.mp4 videos .error appeared on screen unable to load

  • ardit

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2009Hi...When i open the web it shows web already in use in the scre... morepress menu for 2-3 seconds. see whats in taskt manager. Maybe u have opened web and didnt exit it regulary. If the icon of web is in the task manager, just pres C (cancell) button and exit it. than try again...

  • epc

It's a very solid phone. Believe me or not, but 6 months ago, I drop my E60 from more than 40 m high on the rough concrete surface and it is still working.
I have just problem with not properly working keypad. time ti time some of the keys are not working. Probably it is because I am using it mainly in outdoor profile?
Can somebody advise with that problem?

  • Anonymous

Guys its good phone, trust me!

  • Latvian

It is a great phone if you don't need a camera and radio, in that case go and buy it. I've got it for 2 years- no problems till now.