Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

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  • amit

> In reply to Afzal @ 2015-11-23 06:39 from Hxfy - click to readDownload Windows insider

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  • 2015-11-23 19:28
  • BEcN
  • Afzal

how can i upgrade Nokia 1520 to windows 10? please anyone

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  • 2015-11-23 06:39
  • Hxfy
  • shajahan

all old lumia phone 920,925,930,520,530,1320,625,630, but why 1520 not list windows10 update list on feb 2016 .............

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  • 2015-11-21 02:05
  • XQst
  • AfZ

> In reply to k0nkupa @ 2015-11-19 13:46 from YMhy - click to readYou can Go for Lumia 950 XL. Better one. But Lumia 1520 Gives Killer Looks. Better as I used it. But opt for 950 XL

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  • 2015-11-20 16:57
  • XN5}
  • k0nkupa

Does it really late to get 1520 or wait to 950XL? i mainly use phone for social media.

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  • 2015-11-19 13:46
  • YMhy
  • luis u2 ferreira

I have problems to open the amr files on my phone,
since yesterday I couldn´t open the amr files anyone can help me here, I need to open this files on my phone, do you know if was updated that file??
I need help to solve this problem very urgent.
Thanks to all

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  • 2015-11-18 20:22
  • nqIS
  • A O

For experience:
Worst Mobile can be dealt with
Its Applications cann't make any advantge on Android applications
Worst agent and worst guarantee and technical support service
Parts and accessories are expensive and not available
at least in middle east.

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  • 2015-11-17 06:26
  • Skgn
  • dave

> In reply to rohan @ 2015-11-07 20:38 from mZFB - click to readHi Rohan! Sorry your 1520 is having the dreaded screen touch problem.I had the same frustration as you. I have just had the touch screen and digitizer changed ($110 for the unit and $25 for labour. The unit comes as a single assembly and a good phone technician can do the job in 20 minutes. Contrary to what you may hear in this forum, this is purely a hardware issue, usually happening after warranty period and affecting some 1520's only. The 1520 is a good phone but the touch issue has scared me away from the upcoming 940XL.

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  • 2015-11-14 08:15
  • N7Du
  • Steven

> In reply to Said @ 2015-11-12 20:42 from mH6V - click to readThe only thing that is perfect about Windows Phone is a super smooth touch interface and the best text auto correction, that in conjunction with each other
make scrolling a web page a pleasure and makes typing super fast and relaxed!

As Allan pointed out, windows phone
has way too many web rendering issues!

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  • 2015-11-14 05:13
  • 81IA
  • Eng Mr Dj

I have Nokia Lumia 1520 for a year & half now, the last from Nokia, i can say it's the best phone i ever used, very stable with windows 8.1 , fast, using 64 GB Sd card with no problem, upgraded to windows 10 for week then get back to 8.1, didn't like it at all, makes phone very slow.
I used android, ios phones, the best is windows phone.
Thank you Nokia & Microsoft.

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  • 2015-11-13 19:10
  • fvE9
  • Said

> In reply to lucky @ 2015-11-10 10:28 from m7YJ - click to readI agree with you 1000000% , same with me I used every OS out there but I found the Windows phone is the best

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  • 2015-11-12 20:42
  • mH6V
  • Manish

Mine is working perfectly without any problem. Sometimes feel it getting slower. Restart it to recover the speed and efficiency. A very nice mobile phone.

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  • 2015-11-12 12:09
  • m1PF
  • Aslam Qureshi

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-11-11 21:45 from Y2r3 - click to readAll samsung phones r terrible. They r shining toys. Aftr the trend of fix battery n fix storage, they will get worst.

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  • 2015-11-12 07:46
  • ttL{
  • Allan

> In reply to lucky @ 2015-11-10 10:28 from m7YJ - click to readJust downloaded windows 10 Build 10581
and the web rendering and stability issue are still there!
I give up Microsoft! The only advantage Windows Phone has over Android is a beautiful smooth text typing! If you don't want to fix the basics then what do we need Windows Phone for?

Still typical Windows Phone issues:
~During the webpage scrolling, animations and text on the page are disappearing and then
appearing again few seconds after you stop scrolling (many webpages)
~ Many web pages still don't display properly (text overlay animation or vice verse, text don't fit display parameters, some pages jumping or blinking too much)
~Many pages still freeze during the scrolling

I'm not even going to talk about way more uglier interface of windows 10 mobile
comparing to ugly enough windows mobile 8.1
MICROSOFT: Optimize your mobile operating system software or stop producing
phones at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 2015-11-11 23:40
  • 81IA
  • cozmo

> In reply to rohan @ 2015-11-07 20:38 from mZFB - click to readI had this issue about 6 months' ago and I took it back to nokia service and they did change the motherboard for free and I got it back brand new! And it worked fine ever since! So take it back to Nokia care and adress the problem .

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  • 2015-11-11 22:18
  • xd}P
  • Anonymous

> In reply to lol @ 2015-11-10 11:52 from sSM3 - click to readThe S6 Edge is terrible.

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  • 2015-11-11 21:45
  • Y2r3
  • lol

> In reply to lucky @ 2015-11-10 10:28 from m7YJ - click to readlol nice joke. It's long from being the "king" of all smartphones. Galaxy S6 Edge and several other phones smokes this inside out.

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  • 2015-11-10 11:52
  • sSM3
  • lucky

> In reply to Anne @ 2015-08-23 10:30 from tCQp - click to readListen I have every phone ,ios , android, but I can confirm that the Lumia 1520 is the king of all smart phones and I only tried it by accident , but it's the best accident I ever had. Listen praise the lord you are lucky enough to own the DADDY

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  • 2015-11-10 10:28
  • m7YJ
  • Anonymous

Mine is working perfectly without any problem. Sometimes feel it getting slower. Restart it to recover the speed and efficiency. A very nice mobile phone. The old small Nokia 800 is still working in a good condition under Windows 7.8 OS although the speed is much slower.

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  • 2015-11-10 10:22
  • 62j2
  • Stevenotjobs

A great phone, have been happy with it for the past two years. One drawback is its enormous size. It is just too big. In 20 years of carrying a cell phone around, this is the first one I've dropped and damaged so frequently.

That said, it still works as brilliantly as it did on the first day I unboxed it. It's a sleek, powerful beast of a phone.

Hopefully future flagship lumia's will be that little bit shorter, thinner, lighter and easier to carry around

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  • 2015-11-10 08:27
  • myQ%