Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile

Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile

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hoe to update my phone ?

  • kolay

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2013problem only with this update no good free apps..It is no wifi connection,(connection unsuccessfilly)

  • Anonymous

problem only with this update no good free apps..

,I'm using this handset for quite a while so i'm not really familiar with this.I'm a tm user and i always register for an unlimited internet for a day.The problem is,why can't i access to any site (Facebook,Youtube,etc) given the fact that I registered for an unlimited surfing.I turned on the data connection,4G is appearing near it's signal but i cant access to the net...please help me with this,,Is the problem with the network or the phone???

  • hero

shalu, 18 Aug 2013wanna go for dis handset so frndz advice me its good or nt,,,Don't buy it...
Its totally worst....
Big problem is video cannot share....

  • T

The Lumia 710 has many problems! 1. Does not sync with remote outlook servers. 2. Key board goes bad I have had two phones and both went bad. 3. Does not support most aps like Pandora Etc. 4. locks up Finally this phone does not even work correctly with Mircosoft office this is W7 and does not talk correctly with anything else. This is JUNK in my opeinion. Im on an android Galaxy now.

  • FEBU

nice handset , i like , its very easily can use . , its touch can work smmothly. nd the picture clarity is good ,

  • spindragon

kwasigee, 10 Apr 2013i bought the phone from canada and brought it to ghana. i insert... moreThis phone is badluck..... and the keyboard is not working properly....:(

  • hemu

shalu, 18 Aug 2013wanna go for dis handset so frndz advice me its good or nt,,,It is ultimate. ....BUY IT

  • Kirit

Good experience

  • shalu

wanna go for dis handset so frndz advice me its good or nt,,,

  • Sam

camera quality is very very good

  • Abhi

I am using this phone since 6 months. First I would like to thanks NOKIA for the Phone, but few limitations are there. I am not able to download apps properly from Market Place, as I am facing Windows live id error.

Secondly, Windows Market place dont have addictive games as Android have. The best part of Nokia is NOKIA MUSIC. We can download unlimited free music which is very very less in memory (1 mb).

  • byeee

hmmm look nice, and by the way Nokia is the best!

  • praveenyadav

how to supply in to take pay manson in market

  • noufal

this phone not good very bad phone but wifi good speed..

  • spock

If you say not to buy this cell phone, you must say WHY, please tell us why not to buy it

Even though tmobile decided not to update the 710 to wp 7.8. It's actually not a problem with Nokia, it's tmobile decision. However, I upgraded three 710 to 7.8 successfully via a program called seveneighter. It's a very handy phone, it's has many shortcomings, but it has many good things to offer too. I am stuck with Nokia because of Nokia Drive, a GPS app which you can use offline worldwide without any data plan. And I think nokia has more pentaband phones than others, including this 710. With later 7.5 and 7.8 upgrades, you can use tethering, Internet sharing directly with the 710. As for apps, the ones in the App Store is more than enough for me already, why do you need so many useless apps. On the on side, 710 cannot do Bluetooth transfer, a major drawback to me. And window phone cannot do VPN tunneling, a showstopper for them to be useful in the business world. 3.7inches screen is a bit too small, but tolerable.


plz don't buy this phone

Dont ever go for this phone. am suffering since from 6 months from the day of purchase. plz plz dont go for it. Go for any other smart phone except NOKIA