Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Anonymous

Can this phone enlarge its font size? Will the app store be able to download the Capitec and Vodafone mobile wi-fi? The lumia 610 can't and I need an upgrade

  • moi

Great phone, after three years still looks and works like new. One problem, I cannot make conference calls, any help in that area?

I have been using this phone for 4 3 years and I still like it very much. I have never found any trouble so far and hope not in the future too. This phone is really amazing.

  • Anonymous

People dont hear me when i turn the speaker on during a call...Is there a problem?....This doesnt happen when i dont use the speaker

  • Texican56

Help, my nokia 920 won't send or receive photos/documents.
I have unlimited cellular text/data from my proveder.
My older Android and cdme phones did, even sent live video.
Is this a Windows phone problem?

My 920 still working great, even the battery is aging well, not like new but after 3 years is just impressive. Hard to see any current smartphone with the durability of the 920.

  • Aadrian

Great Nokia product

noone, 05 Jan 2016Same here. It's like a backlight issue. It's flicker when I unlo... moreset ur auto backlight off and adjust the lvl to medium to high , that should solve ur problem

Err , lumia 920 did received denim update .......
Maybe not in ur area , but i did .
Not much of changed but better battery life after update

  • oldmike

I've been using my 920 over three years - no problem at all!!

  • adrian

Windows phones are all on the nose,the windows 8.1 was ok but not great now windows 10 is absolutely hopeless and should be forced off the market, you will receive no back up from microsoft,try picking up the phone and phoning them,i have done my money cold and i admitt i am not happy,stay with samsung and you will not go wrong,cheers adrian jones ulladulla nsw australia

  • noone

technoquy, 20 Nov 2015good phone but after you turn on and off the screen a few times ... moreSame here. It's like a backlight issue. It's flicker when I unlock the screen. Sometime It's not flickering . like when I'm wake up/unlocking the handset after a long time unused. Better when I used a dark background

  • AK-97

RonnyNa8, 31 Dec 2015please assistance needed ASAP. after using my nokia lumia 920 fo... moreHey! I had the same problems but once i upgraded to Windows 8.1 (Denim), everything became normal again ;) Hope this helps

  • Pal

I can't understand why in the last period of time(mby 2-3 mths.) all the upgradings are done automatically without receiving my permission

  • RonnyNa8

RonnyNa8, 31 Dec 2015please assistance needed ASAP. after using my nokia lumia 920 fo... moreplus i have important documents in the phone......what can i do?????

  • RonnyNa8

please assistance needed ASAP. after using my nokia lumia 920 for more than 4 months. The phone started to show signs of defect. Like it freezes a lot and now i cant seem to charge it....

  • Aadrian

YSTER, 15 Dec 2015Please can you assist. My Here Drive was corrupted. When I reset... moreI have had this problem and many others too. If I'm correct, you can try the following: restart the phone, plug it in on the charger, take out the SIM card and insert the simcard, once again restart the phone by performing the hard reset. But keep your phone plugged in on the charger. I am not 100% sure this should solve the problem or whether this is the right order to do it, but it's a common issue. There's discussions on the net about it. You can try to search for something as Lumia 920 gears after resetting. Good luck.

  • tamil

emmadjokic12, 14 Dec 2015hey, my nokia lumia froze. i can't to turn it off what should i do?use windows phone recovery tool

strasys, 13 Dec 2015hi, please help me to activate my 920. It can't touch unless you... moreBuy from eBay or aliexpress

Please can you assist. My Here Drive was corrupted. When I reset the phone to factory settings it started giving me two gears. Its been like this the whole day from 09h00 this morning. I cant understand why is it taking so long. Mtm Shop says there have to be a blue bar running as well. My phone does not have any. Please assist urgently!!