Nokia N82

Nokia N82

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  • Dusan

Best phone I've ever had. It still works, after 8 years. Slammed to the wall, being left in the snow for hours... Awesome piece of machinery!

  • Anonymous

how too make a phone nokia n 82..formot"" coz. I'm forgot my password.!!

  • Anonymous

The best phone one can imagine in terms of user friendly calendar i.e easy to enter reminders

Best phone that exists only drawback is the light that I think is bad

  • pra

love you a lot nokia n82'. Best among the best you are.......

  • Pufpav

Dutch gager, 15 Jul 2015Best phone forever n i have one I love u nokia n82My opinion is the same!!! Best phone ever...!!! If Nokia is comeback with new generation android (or better Symbian) I'll always prefer Nokia :) !!!

P.s. Now I'm with Note 3 and its Root ....!

  • stefan

I have lag on games especially for java games anyone knows how to solve this. Sorry for my english.

  • Dutch gager

Best phone forever n i have one
I love u nokia n82

  • Anonymous

harid, 13 May 2015i too using nokia n82,but i am finding diffcult to add passsword... moreIt could be 0000

Well I am not an avid fan of Nokia but still i can say the best camera phone with a brilliant xenon flash, i have ever used was this One N82,and probably it was the only N series phone which was hardly facing any lag or something like that.I bought it january 2008 n used for one n half year but never had any complain with this.

  • razz

very very fantastic phone. i have used this phone about 2 years. this is super to capture photos. we can catch photos as a sony camera. this phone's flash is very bright like sony camera. we are waiting this in android in future.

  • harid

St teh, 25 Apr 2015My Nokia N82 is still going strong, without problem since 2007... morei too using nokia n82,but i am finding diffcult to add passsword for keypad lock,please help me if any one knows about this

  • rai

Waiting for nokia n82 with android...
I think my dreams never come true u nokia .

  • St teh

My Nokia N82 is still going strong, without problem since 2007, just got a new battery, on April 22 2015 he, he, hope to get a new keypad cover as the crome pad is peeling. Simply love it especially the installed Garmin GPS app. Hope to use it for many more years, Great Nokia N82

i,l have to say that i love this fone...n82
is it whort enything? im not Selling!

  • Ntin

I have it now and for about 5 years (very good phone , one of the best, the only bad thinkg is the battery i have changed it 2 times) and im thinking to replace it with Lg G2 or Nokia lumia 930, im kind confused about these two phones. I really want to try a windows phone but Lg (16GB) is 100euros cheaper than nokia in my country and the other thing is that the Lg despite the big screen 5.2 has the same dimensions with Nokia...

  • Nisaja

Love this phone. Was one of the best phones in the market in 2008. Had the best camera at the time.

  • Charice

OMG, it's 2015 now and I miss this N82 so bad.

  • shehab

Best phone ever...missing it so badly

Best phone in Nokia