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  • Amal

My apps store not working,When I connect to internet for app store loading ,any time displayed "There was a problem this page.It could be lost connection or a slow network.Check your connection or try again later" But my internet connection good & network fast, Pls help me, How to load my N9 apps store?

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  • 2015-05-21 17:06
  • PWDw
  • aice blue

mine wont connect to data connection..i've tried evryhing..please help

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  • 2015-05-20 14:58
  • ubgZ
  • veera

Hai Frinds Ovi Store Is Not Open So Pls Help Other Site Or store For Application download .pls Solution for App Download.browser etc Download

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  • 2015-05-15 03:04
  • Hkt}
  • imran abbas

saran you should resest your phone i hope your phone batter working

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  • 2015-05-03 04:40
  • uZa9
  • khalil

can any body tell me is nokia n9 is able to play candy crush saga plz reply fast

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  • 2015-05-02 20:29
  • uW%f
  • Nadeem

> In reply to Toto @ 2015-04-10 16:27 from fjRA - click to readn9 have a long batery life but don't buy it because of store problem

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  • 2015-04-28 20:50
  • PAmi
  • Saran

Hai pls help me my music player is not open only that time update library in last three days how to open pls reply

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  • 2015-04-27 14:16
  • Hkt$
  • Berry

Hai all n9 user Microsoft is plane in all Nokia n9 phones insert ti Windows os . so first step for ovi store blocked . Microsoft is very bad plane i hat to Microsoft

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  • 2015-04-27 14:10
  • Hkt$
  • Saran

Hai my n9 is not responding in ovi store and nokia account .all so my music player is not open(update library ) so pls help

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  • 2015-04-27 14:00
  • Hkt$
  • bj

> In reply to jim @ 2015-04-25 07:02 from 3qBq - click to readYes thats right.. I tried also opening the store but it always says that connection is not available..

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  • 2015-04-25 15:47
  • tNty
  • jim

Just a WARNING TO ALL N9 USERS dont clear your device, you will lose all apps you have downloaded, I tried to open Store on my phone and it says that page is unavailable, same thing with my downloads.

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  • 2015-04-25 07:02
  • 3qBq
  • Anonymous

well meego os feels natural... swipe down to close swipe left or right or from the bottom go back to homescreen. double tap to unlock the n9 ( now lollipop copied this feature!!)... and this os is Superb and amazingly modern and timeless just look at the three main home screen. feed( shows notification and social updates status from the home screen) application and multitasking view/screen (view the open or running application on the background, the running app showed in card that can be zoomed in or out).... i love how to unlocked the lockscreen.... JUST A SWIPE AWAY... the haptic feedback from the keyboard sounds, interacting with the homescreen or closing an app is realistic enough that u can tell what sounds to closing an app :) The sqircle ( square + circle) design intergrate within the meego OS and become its trademark... beautifully simple both hardware and software.. you will discover its magic if u own this phone..

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  • 2015-04-24 16:01
  • PF5p
  • shankar jat

Me nokia n9 not run stor please help me

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  • 2015-04-21 15:08
  • rKvV
  • mt12345

replace symbian with android or sailfish os

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  • 2015-04-16 11:14
  • 9FY2
  • Sabbatismos

It has finally met Waterloo.
Nokia Store says GO AND BUY A LUMIA, as N9 is no longer working well. I supposed the Web would still work; I erred greatly. Web has stopped browsing. Things have really turned ugly. I wonder how I can delete Nokia_installed apps. N9 is gone!

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  • 2015-04-14 05:27
  • ftKa
  • raheem

my cousin is using n9 it has a long battery which last for 3 days thats wonderfull cell

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  • 2015-04-13 20:12
  • 6Qhf
  • Toto

I am planning to buy a nokia n9. I am using samsung galaxy s3 mini, i am tired to see how my battery drains out so quick, it does not last for a day. This is a major problem with Android phone. Please advise me how is nokia n9 battery?

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  • 2015-04-10 16:27
  • fjRA
  • mahdie

I have a question. ...
I have nokia n9 and I forget my security code,
I want to reset my phone but I can't
do you no any way that can use for fixing my phone? ???
pleas someone answer me

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  • 2015-04-10 16:18
  • HI9n
  • DBD

Typical Nokia folley. Nice quality as ever, but they come up with these different ideas, then scrap them once they realise they are not what the majority of people really want, or they can use easily. Why notifications on the pull down screen don't take you to whats being notified is beyond me. With no app store now, only good for calls, messaging and pics really (Camera good). Internet not brill. Messaging is about impossible with their usual overly small font if you're eyes are not perfect. I do like Nokias, but the company mess about, take your money, then desert you when they fail to achieve

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  • 2015-04-10 06:41
  • 39xh